Why Should I Choose Aromatherapy?

In today’s stressful world, you need to have some coping skills. I’m talking about finding your flow, unwinding, and relaxing. Managing stress is vital in surviving and thriving.

But I’m guessing you already knew all of that. So let’s talk about why you should choose aromatherapy. What makes it better than, say, going to the gym or petting your dog?

No one said aromatherapy was
better per se, but the great thing about it is- it can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere! Let’s talk about why aromatherapy is a great coping skill. 


All you need are some incense cones or incense burners! There’s no hassle. You light a match and immediately reap the benefits.

If you’re stressed out and have an injury which prevents you from going to the gym, then how are you supposed to cope? What if you’re allergic to dogs? It’s important to have a handful of coping skills, particularly ones that are convenient and make sense to you. You know what you don’t need when you’re already stressed out? More stress!

The last thing you want at that point is to overexert yourself doing the activity that is supposed to help you de-stress. I love playing tennis, but sometimes the rainy weather prevents me from getting to the courts.

Having an easy coping skill to pull out when you need it may deeply benefit you. 


Your friends and family members may be too busy to help you talk through your issues. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t just allow the stress to accumulate until they’re free.

Back to my tennis example...sometimes I can’t find a partner to play with me so I have to find another way to de-stress. It’s time to take action! Try out aromatherapy. Being self-sufficient can be empowering!

Still, it’s important not to withdraw or isolate during times of stress. Self-expression can be healing. Once your loved ones’ schedules free up, invite them to your room to chat amidst the incense. The aromas can relax you and elicit self-reflection and connection.

Allow the soothing scent of incense to burn through your stress and negative emotions. 

Anyone Can Try It!

Is it just me, or are there some coping skills that have a serious learning curve?

I am probably making too many excuses and need to just kick start my plan, but...the gym is filled with equipment that I don’t know how to work. Maybe I could benefit from painting, but I don’t know how. I sometimes get caught up in the fact that the end result doesn’t exactly look good. If you’re someone who has slight social anxiety, seeing friends may stress you out. Maybe you’re dealing with a lot of chronic pain and just want to sit quietly for a few minutes.

Aromatherapy may be perfect for you! Whoever you are and whatever your limitations, you can benefit from breathing in the scent of incense. 


Aromatherapy is fun and easy! It doesn’t matter if you’re socially awkward or have an injury. If your nose works, you can benefit from incense cones and burners.

You’re not relying on anyone else! Do you know how amazing that is? It’s an incredible asset to be able to emotionally regulate on your own!

All you have to do is strike a match and poof. I hope the scents of these beautiful incense burners and cones help ease your stress and tension.

Incense Falls 

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