Why Is Spiritual Growth So Important?

Spiritual growth takes many forms, and is a deeply personal journey for each of us. The way we approach our relationship with living spiritually comes from every imaginable mindset, and this choice to walk a path of constant personal evolution is inherently in search of something sacred... It allows one to find meaning in our existence, and form new perspectives that shine a light of recognition on all that is

Spiritual Growth and Growing Spiritually through Buddhism

Some people devote themselves to the teachings of religions, others seek answers through spirit guides and divination. Many people immerse their minds in deep introspection to gain important enlightening insights, while others practice yoga and meditation to tap into their spiritual pulse and connect with their true self. Many alternative modalities such as crystal therapy, angel card and tarot readings, or plant medicine ceremonies provide the guidance and solace one seeks. 

Living with spiritual intention can range anywhere from the simple act of choosing to conduct ourselves graciously in our day-to-day lives... all the way up to the lofty heights of devoting our entire existence to becoming a devout practitioner of the discipline that resonates with us most. Embracing our inner spirit can encompass any personal development ideal that will positively affect our life, our relationships and our impact on the world. 

Growing Spiritually Takes Many Forms

Growing spiritually, being connected to source, and reuniting with your inner being doesn’t need to follow any set of hard and fast rules... It just needs to resonate with you, and speak to whatever nourishes your soul.

Rather than drifting through life with our hearts and eyes closed to the profound insights that come from embracing a spiritual path... Discover with us why it's so important to grow spiritually and to live with intention. 

Why is Spiritual Growth So Important?

The common thread that ties all of these enlightening spiritual disciplines together is the pursuit of becoming more harmonious with life and the people around us. By living with the clear intention of spiritual growth:

  • We unlock an inner stillness. When we decide to embrace a spiritual path, we’re able to perceive external occurrences in our world from a wider view. We start to see the big picture, putting ourselves in other’s shoes and finding ourselves becoming more compassionate and understanding of the perfectly imperfect nature of all human beings in the process. We feel at peace as we become deeply accepting of things, seeing the world through a positive prism. We’re happier and feel more at ease with everything that comes our way.
  • We become aware of everyone’s infinite potential. As a spiritual seeker, we become conscious of our inner being’s infinite potential, and in the process . We transcend our egos, and throw back the curtain on all those limiting beliefs society has conditioned us to define our capabilities with. We reject judgment on ourselves and others. We become one with the concept of encouraging every individual to live their life the way that is right for them without placing expectations on how anyone should behave or conduct themselves. We free ourselves from jealousy, our vulnerability to be hurt by others, and unrealistic expectations on people’s behavior that can set us up for disappointment. 

Grow Spiritually with Crystals

  • We harness our highly functioning life skills. We’ll nurture more meaningful relationships through our willingness to entertain different perspectives. Spiritual growth allows us to unlock a deep sense of satisfaction and self-esteem when we see the beautiful results of our well-thought-out interactions. We take responsibility for our actions, and we’re more forgiving when others have missteps. We’re pupils of the Universe and learn from our mistakes, knowing that if we don’t get things right the first time, we can always give others a humble apology and ask for a redo. With increasing awareness, we can confidently approach sticky situations next time round, as we’ll be better prepared with practical and effective skills to handle them.
  • We see the world in vivid color. By focusing on gratitude and seeing all the little miracles that go on in everyday life, we feel deeply fulfilled and fortunate to be in this spiritual incarnation. We’ll be guided by a powerful internal compass that we know will always point us in the right direction toward our spiritual growth and success, encouraging optimism and self actualization as our clear purpose in life is revealed. 

How Do I Know I'm Growing Spiritually? Spirituality Growth is Different for Everyone

Spiritual growth can be a challenging undertaking in these fast times. How do you know if you’re capitalizing effectively on all your potential growth opportunities? Ask yourself these simple questions to reveal your progress along your path of personal development and evolution, and get back on track at maturing spiritually if the chaos of life can throw us off course…

  • Am I loving without expectation? Do I place limits on how others are able to express themselves or behave around me? Do I exhibit patience? Do I love others for who they’re living their own truth, regardless of how I think they should be?
  • Can I stay the course when the going gets tough? Do I acknowledge that all human beings are doing their very best with the tools they have available to them at the time? Am I forgiving and understanding? Can I encourage others to embrace a more productive way of thinking and be gentler and kinder to themselves?
  • Am I dedicated to my spiritual practices? Do I remember to recharge my emotional and spiritual batteries when they’re getting depleted, so I can be the best version of myself?

Spiritual Growth through meditation

  • Do I exercise self control over my impulses? When faced with challenging situations, do I exercise that important moment of choice before reacting? Do I succumb to unproductive emotions and have knee-jerk reactions? Do I pause for a moment before taking action and ask myself if I’m acting in alignment with my higher self?

  • Am I proud of who I am as a person? Do I treat others the way I wish to be treated? Is the way I conduct myself and how I present myself to the world inspiring to others and myself to continue to grow spiritually? Can I explore different ways to connect with source to find the knowledge and insights I need to mature spiritually? 

Spiritual Growth through Religion

So how do you achieve spiritual maturity in your life? By reaching for spiritual growth opportunities, you'll be following some beautifully expansive disciplines that will allow you to become a more harmonious, happy person... To truly step into your power.

I find not only immense insights, but also great comfort in exploring all the different teachings, techniques and methods to expand my consciousness and supercharge my spiritual growth. 

Whichever path of personal development your life follows, you’ll gain incredible tools and a peaceful existence being unveiled to you as a result.

Spiritual Growth takes discipline and dedication

Try resetting your frenetic thoughts through meditation, or by looking to a higher consciousness beyond the bounds of your mindful limitations for answers. Be a wide-eyed seeker, exploring infinite possibilities toward a deeper truth. Because spiritual growth sustains us, it’s in every fiber of our being. It’s our true calling. 

Wishing you incredible connections with yourself and the collective consciousness...

Xx Fefe | Incense Falls Author

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