What is the Best Aromatherapy for Sleep?

The importance of getting a restful and restorative night’s sleep truly can’t be overstated in our book. Apart from the obvious spring in our step we get when we have a good rest, when we wake up feeling energetic, alert, happy, able to concentrate and also looking fresh… Our sleeping hours are also when our bodies slow down all its other functions and take time to repair themselves, regenerating and deeply healing us on a cellular level.

However, catching enough precious zzz’s can prove to be a bit of a challenge in these busy times, especially as we’re all a little guilty of taking our frenetic thoughts from the day’s activities and tasks to bed with us when we turn in for the night.


Stress and anxiety can prove to be an enduring hindrance to a restful sleep. When we’re feeling frazzled, we can have trouble quieting our racing minds and slipping into slumber- plus that tension can carry over into our sleep state, causing us to sleep restlessly, wake up often during the night, and also rise feeling even more drained the next day.

So how do we improve our sleep quality and increase the time we are getting sound, replenishing rest? If it seems to take you forever to fall asleep due to chronic overthinking, if you suffer from insomnia, or if you have trouble staying asleep once you do eventually drift off… Using sleep-promoting essential oils before bed might be just the nightcap you’ve been searching for.

Studies have shown that the molecular mechanisms found in the key essential oils can actually mimic the effect of some commonly used sleep medicines. Using essential oils can increase the efficacy of our brain’s neurotransmitter called GABA, which is responsible for calming anxiety and promoting sleep.

What is the best aromatherapy for sleep?So, what are the best essential oils to establish a relaxing bedtime routine? Try these 3 scientifically proven essential oils for sleep in the evening to signal to your body that it’s time to wind down. By the time your weary head hits the pillow, you’ll be perfectly soothed: So you can guarantee your most blissful, floaty slumber and wake up to a bright, zippy tomorrow…


The scent of jasmine essential oil has been proven in a 2010 study to address insomnia and induce sleep. It works by powerfully conditioning our brain, encouraging it to transmit calming signals to the limbic system.

Non-habit forming and natural, the sedative effects of inhaling Jasmine essential oil are found to be equally as potent as many strong prescription sleep medications.  

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Sandalwood essential oil increases the amount of regenerative REM sleep we’re able to get into once we doze off, where all our body’s healing magic takes place. Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, Sandalwood’s efficacy has been backed by scientific findings proving it to be highly effective in inducing sleep.

A hypotensive agent found in its essential oil lowers blood pressure, which in turn reduces the unpleasant feelings of anxiety, allowing us to settle into a calm, sleepy headspace.

Incense Falls aromatherapy for sleep backflow incense cones in sandalwood

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Lavender is instantly recognizable and highly regarded as an elixir for easing anxiety. Not only is the scent iconic for conjuring relaxation; studies show it also has a powerful sedative effect.

The signals transmitted from your olfactory nerve receptors when you smell the soothing fragrance of lavender relay calming signals to your brain. This slows our heart rate, relaxes our muscles and increases slow-wave sleep; the delta phase of our sleep cycle that is the deepest, right before REM begins. 

Incense Falls aromatherapy for sleep backflow incense cones in lavender

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Allowing your senses to be swept away in the cascading clouds of calming smoke, while your body soaks up all the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy thanks to the high concentration of beneficial essential oils.

Wishing you the sweetest dreams and most rejuvenating rest,

Fefe | Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

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