What is Astral Projection? Embark On a Journey to the Collective Consciousness

The very concept of our existence as two entities combined in one tangible form is often only truly contemplated when we lose a loved one, and we become acutely aware that their spirit or soul has departed their physical body. But bringing our awareness to the fact that we can tap into this non-physical consciousness within us while we’re still living can actually reveal an expansive avenue to amplify your spiritual growth. 

What is Astral Projection  and How to Astral Project

If you’ve never heard of Astral Projection, you may well already be familiar with the idea of people having out-of-body experiences or lucid dreams. Across multiple cultures and dating back to ancient times, the concept of exploring the astral plane with our non-physical energy body is nothing new, but it’s still relatively obscure in our culture. 

It’s understood that the astral plane is where all consciousness resides; a Universe hundreds of times larger than the material Universe we’re aware of. Within these astral projections exists a place that functions beyond the constraints of all the broad concepts we apply to life, that we use to help define reality and our understanding of it. 

How to Navigate Astral Projection

While astral travel can be a terrifying thought to ponder, considering the possibility that we can actually detach our astral spirit from our physical form and use our powers of projection to go exploring these metaphysical lands on an out of body experience… (it sounds crazy, I know!) These astral projection journeys have allowed me to step out of my body, away from my anxiety and overthinking tendencies, and make some serious observations on the meaning of our existence and the illusory nature of thought. 

Astral Projection is an Out of Body Experience

While I’m reluctant to paint a picture of what precisely your astral projection experience will be as these spiritual discoveries are inherently idiosyncratic; I can share that my experiences of tuning into these spiritual dream states have been enlightening, transcendent, visually stunning, and pleasantly floaty on a sensory level. 

They’ve allowed me to separate myself from my limiting beliefs that no longer serve me, tap into profound insights and access new thought processes, and bring back wisdom from the collective consciousness to apply in my conscious life.

Slipping into a lucid dream state is groundbreaking at its most powerful, and at the very least you’ll find it beautifully relaxing, even if you aren’t able to float away on the first try.

How to Try Astral Projection

So, how do you begin an astral travel journey into the great beyond? How do you prepare yourself to experience the wisdom of the collective consciousness during out of body experiences? Well, it all begins with a deeply relaxed state. 

The easiest method to venture into this foray is called The Rope Technique. Practiced in Tantric Yoga, the Rope Method is a blissful way to relax and wind down for sleep, so you’ll enjoy the deep meditative state just in its own right… Even if it does take you a few tries and some practice before you’re able to successfully “lift out”! 

Astral Projection Technique

  • Lay down in a comfortable position. 
  • Starting at your toes, sequentially start relaxing every single muscle of your body with incredible focus. You want to be hyper conscious of every fiber of your being, and zoomed in on each part with incredible specificity. Go really micro with your body awareness in detail here. 
  • I’m talking about purposefully relaxing each of your toenails one by one… Feeling the topside of your toes melt into nothingness. Then move onto the underside of each toe, gradually letting your tight muscles unfurl as you relax the sole of your foot slowly, from the ball of your foot all the way to your heel. 
  • Work your way up to your ankles, feeling your tendons unraveling around your bones. Continue this hyper focus of relaxing your body, intentionally sending a disappearing sensation to every single muscle, each vein, every inch of your skin, and to all your organs. 
  • It’ll take some time for you to consciously melt your body away, but by the time you get up to your head and are deliberately relaxing your eyelashes, your teeth, the roof of your mouth and the hair follicles on your scalp… A bizarre sensation will appear. 
  • You’ll feel like your physical body has vaporized and ceased to exist. You’ll be right on the brink of a sleep state, but try to keep your mind alert as your body experiences this deep relaxation.
  • Now, here’s where you’ll need to decide if you’re prepared to trust the process and choose to be a willing observer in your astral body...

How to Astral Project

(I guess now it’s probably confession time...! The first time it actually happened for me, I got such a shock at the completely alien sensation of somehow floating an inch above my body on the mat, that I catapulted immediately back into my body. So my first astral travel attempt lasted precisely 1.5 seconds. Yep. Nothing to write home about… But, with practice and an understanding that you’ll be safe, able to return to your body when you’re ready, and capable of navigating the astral realm once you’re drifting about in it, you’ll get the hang of it!)

Ok, back to it...

  • The next step is to visualize a rope hanging above you.
  • Summon yourself into a vibrational state by imagining small pulsations coursing through you as you dissociate yourself from your body.
  • Keeping your physical body completely relaxed, imagine your astral body reaching out of your chest and grasping the rope with both hands. 
  • Start mentally climbing the rope, hoisting yourself up hand-over-hand, until you reach the ceiling. 
  • Be prepared to fall back down and snap back into your body, but don’t expect it. With some practice, you’ll be able to fully depart from your physical form and start exploring the astral plane. 

Take your meditation to the next level by experimenting with some transcendental journeys, as you astrally project into a realm beyond your usual reality!

You might just discover the essence of your being up there in the ether, beyond the usual constraints of our waking perceptions.

With some practice, openness and a deep trust in the process, you too can work up to some powerfully profound expansions. 

Fly high, fellow astral projector!

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