Reconnect With The Earth to Become Whole Again

Mother Nature holds the most awe-inspiring beauty to behold. It's hard not to appreciate the miracle that is witnessing breathtaking sunsets over the water, gazing over wildflowers growing plentifully in shady meadows, standing under majestic trees that predate our oldest ancestors, and watching animals happily going about their daily foraging.

When was the last time you took a moment to unplug from the chaos of modern life to marvel at the beauty of the great outdoors?

Taking a break from your technology and enjoying a moment of connection with nature will be like a big breath of fresh air, boosting your well-being in these trying times. Try these beautiful, grounding techniques to bring you back to center and reacquaint yourself with life's simplest pleasures. 

Walk Barefoot  

The technique of grounding to the earth through walking barefoot has a powerful impact on many areas of our wellbeing. From regulating our circadian rhythms to reducing inflammation, getting our toes in the sand, soil and grass has countless surprising advantages.

Not only will it improve your heath, it will help you form a deep connection with the energy within the planet. Just like all living things, our planet has a pulse that you may be able to feel if you walk without shoes or inhibition.

You'll sense powerful energetic forces from deep within the Earth that you otherwise wouldn't experience, providing a feeling of serene security.

Unplug From the Chaos

Taking a break from technology will make your connection with nature feel so much more profound. Treat your walks, hikes, and bike-rides with love and attention, and they will fill up your soul with good vibes that last long after you've kicked off your running shoes. 

That means turn your cellphone to silent. When you're not distracted with texts, tweets, phone calls, and social media, you can actually hear the buzz of nature; the cheerful chirping of the birds, creaking of the branches bending in the breeze overhead, the sound of your footfalls crunching the leaves beneath you. 

Although it's energizing and motivating listening to music on my jogs around the neighborhood... When I'm in the woods, nothing centers my energies quite like immersing myself in the soundtrack of nature.

Being in the majesty of Mother Nature deserves our full attention. Next time you find yourself on an outdoor adventure, unplug from technology for a moment, silence the notifications on your phone and soak up the tranquility. You'll experience the most beautiful and intimate moment of connection with our life force, the Earth. 

Awaken Your Inner Child 

Remember the wide-eyed wonder you experienced as a child, as you got to know the world you newly called home? You'd explore the mysterious corners of the garden, feel the crash of waves on your feet as you witnessed the magnitude of the ocean's power, and watch the sun's rays peek through pink-tinted clouds at dusk, spreading its fingers of lightness one last time as it bid farewell to another day. 

Then the next morning, you'd bounce out of bed, buzzing with anticipation about the fresh new day's fascinating discoveries to come. 

Somewhere amid the technology, deadlines, everyday stressors and just plain adulting getting ahead of the pleasurable little things, we've lost our way. 

Recapturing our joie de vivre and verve for life can be as simple as welcoming our inner child back into our consciousness. To hit the pause button on the rat race for a while. To immerse yourself completely in the humble experience of laying in the grass. Gazing into the endless blue and picking out imaginary scenes of fearsome beasts locked in battle in the clouds, that dissipate into unicorns and marshmallow fluff before drifting away on the breeze. 

Reconnecting with our inner child quiets our frenetic thoughts for a moment and allows our creativity and positivity to flow freely. We tap into a higher consciousness that was there all along, we just forgot how to communicate with it along the path. We are all born innocent, carefree and uncorrupted by the harsh realities of life that make us jaded and cold. But if we can consciously reassure our inner child that they are safe, that they are lovable, and that they are loved, you'll rediscover a feeling of freedom you thought was long gone. 

You'll feel padlocks long forgotten deep within your soul are starting to unlock themselves, and with that sacred bond to what we all originated from reaffirmed, doors will open in unexpected areas of your life and you'll start see the beauty of all that surrounds us once more. 


Reconnecting with the Earth will allow you to truly flourish as you tap into a sense of calm, peace and tranquility you can experience no other way. When the world is filled with anxiety, chaos and confusion, Mother Nature is the soothing reprieve from the stress who is always there when you need her. 

Be joyful. Everything is as beautiful as it ever was. xx

Incense Falls 

P.S. If you're looking for a sensational feeling of power, wonder, and strength, check out this distinct emblem of Chinese culture: the Arcane Dragon incense burner! 




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