Unlock Your Potential Through Daily Ritual

Across every imaginable religion and spiritual discipline for thousands of years, practitioners and seekers have found stillness, structure and oneness through ritual. 

We’re not suggesting you take a vow of silence or poverty to reach enlightenment right now (unless that’s on your day planner for today, of course!)... Just try looking closer to home on a micro scale, and tap into your higher state by making some sacred rituals that are all your own. 

Everything You Need is Within Reach

Steady on before you throw this idea in the “Too-Hard Basket”… We know you might be thinking that all this inward journeying sounds like a ton of spiritual heavy lifting you just don’t have the mental energy left for right now. We’re already emotionally drained from chronic overthinking and stressing about things we feel powerless to.

We hear ya.   

So don’t worry- the good news is, we can flip the script with just a little bit of ritualizing, and you’re already doing most of these things already… So let’s just sprinkle a little intention on your day and you’ll see how calm, cool and collected you can feel just by going through the motions with some new ideas in your head while you do them. 

Ritualize Your Everyday Routine to Add Intention

No bubble, bubble, toil or trouble here… Adding rituals to your day doesn’t require you to sacrifice any small animals as offerings, set fire to any effigies, or dance naked in the forest under the full moon. 

We’re talking about the simple act of doing things with deep awareness and intention. 

This puts us into a meditative state, quieting the mind and letting our thoughts turn in a more positive direction. We can see the beauty in things. We can feel gratitude deeply. We can appreciate tiny details we probably missed before because we were distracted by our racing thoughts.

When you notice (and we mean really notice) the little things, you turn a simple and humble task like brushing your teeth or cooking some toast into a thoughtful ritual, and you'll see the meditative state that unfolds. 

Create a ritual in your day:

  • When making your morning coffee, be peaceful in your thoughts as you arrange your accompaniments. Know that as soon as that first sip of warm liquid touches your tongue, it’s the world saying good morning to you. Choose your favorite mug, and take a moment to appreciate the workmanship that went into creating it. Stir in the sugar, then indulge in the first sip completely, enjoying the aroma in its complexity. You’re now ready to face the day.

  • Take some time just for yourself before starting your morning. Do some yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, recite some mantras, or do a bit of gratitude journaling... Do this before launching into your day's responsibilities, and enjoy every minute of it without guilt. You’ll have taken care of the most important thing first: Your state of mind.

  • Make self-love a ritual with a pep talk in the mirror. Commit to memory some powerful affirmations you really resonate with, and repeat them to yourself in the mirror every day. This simple ritual sets you up with a boost of reassurance, and makes the otherwise boring practice of getting dressed a fulfilling exercise.

  • Set up your desk for a productive day at work. Tidy up and organize your stationery, create a prioritized list of what needs your attention first, and set up in your line of vision a beautiful bottle of water infused with your favorite fruit, to entice yourself to stay hydrated. 

  • Give your pet some love. Their entire worlds revolve around us, and their greatest pleasure in life is when we show them we love them. They do so much for us, so give some of that love back and make a fun game for both of you- make it a ritual that every time you walk past your cat or dog, give them a scratch behind the ears and tell them they’re a good boy. Our pets love it when we talk to them, and studies have shown that patting an animal actually lowers your blood pressure. Sounds like a win-win for all involved!

  • Lay out your outfit for the following day before going to bed. You’ll be able to plan out what you’ve got on your schedule and who you’ll be seeing, and choose an outfit accordingly that will make you feel confident in whatever encounters you’ll be in. Plus, having less decisions to make in the morning when you’re just waking up will set you in a more relaxed mood before getting on with whatever your day throws at you. You can sleep easy knowing that tomorrow morning is going to be a breeze.

  • When winding down for the evening, indulge yourself with a bedtime ritual that’ll have you sleeping like a kitten. Light some scented candles and set up your backflow incense burner in the bathroom as you draw a relaxing bath filled with silky bubbles. Sink in, feel the soothing water on your tired muscles, and just be


By using those moments we might have otherwise whiled away mindlessly, you can elevate them far beyond the mundane and transform them into something sacred.

We can create more powerful moments for conscious creation throughout our day by immersing ourselves completely in each moment.

According to the Zen proverb, clarity and peace can be found by: “forgetting the self in the act of uniting with something.” 

Sounds like we might just find our zen in the bottom of that next cup of tea!

P.S. Adding an incense meditation to your daily ritual unlocks a plethora of benefits, and our trademark Incense Falls Incense Burner is the perfect tool for exactly that.


Thanks for reading,

Incense Falls

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