Top 4 Healthy Emotional Outlets

During this quarantine, I've been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions.

I have been getting really sad about the state of the world, but I need a way to express my feelings in a positive light. Instead of bottling up your emotions, I found it's best to find ways to express them.

This way, you'll be able to cope with the stressors of life. Not only that, you'll be able to flourish! Scroll down to read more about ways I've been coping despite the current circumstances. 

1. Aromatherapy 

Breathing in natural scents can help you move through your emotions in a powerful way. Your sense of smell can elicit past memories. Sometimes, it can be therapeutic to re-experience the past. Not only that, certain aromas can bring forward certain states of mind.

Whether you're feeling angry, sad, lethargic, or foggy, there's a scent out there that will help change your state of mind. I have a mixture of lavender and sesame oil that I dab onto my skin after my shower. Not only does it keep my skin smooth, it helps me relax.

Incense is another popular and effective way to work through your emotional state. If you're looking for a scent to help you focus, check out an apple scent. For a joyful feeling, try our Magnolia incense cone. Aromatherapies, such as incense and essential oils, could help you immensely! 

2. Movement 

There's no better way to work through your emotions than to move around! It's time to break a sweat. When your pores are sweating, you're purging toxins as well as stagnant emotion.

I personally enjoy hula hooping, dancing in my room to my favorite tunes, skipping rope in the driveway, and using my kettle bell. No matter what emotions I'm experiencing- irritation, grogginess, confusion- I always feel so much better after I've moved my body around. Even if I can't bring myself to have an intense workout, dancing around a little or stretching can make a difference.

YouTube has a ton of fitness channels! If you want to learn a new skill, turn to the internet! There are tons of fun ways to move your body during quarantine. Even though the gyms have closed, you can still find creative ways to break a sweat! 

3. Journaling

I absolutely love to journal! My first recommendation is to pick a journal that brings you joy when you look at it. Make sure the cover evokes a powerful feeling within you. Next, open a page and...write!

I have been making lists each morning of all that I'm grateful for. There is so much to be thankful, technology that brings us together during this quarantine, animals, wildlife, close friends, significant others, sunshine, amazing food, our front-line workers in grocery stores and hospitals, etc.

Remember, it is not necessarily therapeutic to chronicle every awful thing that has ever happened to you. That is counter-productive. Instead, get curious about what sensations you're feeling in your body.

Write until you notice the emotional state has begun to change a bit. I always feel like I've released something heavy after I've written in my journal. 

4. Cry 

You read that correctly- sometimes tears are the best medicine. I was in a slump all week, trying to avoid my emotions and then I finally let myself truly feel the pain. I listened to a few sad songs and let the tears pour out. I sobbed for about two hours. I talked it through with my boyfriend and then drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, I felt revitalized. Instead of numbing yourself and avoiding negative emotion, try to lean in to the discomfort. Let yourself truly feel every degree of emotion. As humans, we are programmed to try to avoid pain in order to survive. Yet, when it comes to emotions, it may not help to continue to avoid the painful feelings. They'll keep biting at your heels until you pay attention to them.

In the same way that sweat helps you purge stagnant emotion, crying works in the same way.  All of that emotion is just sitting in your heart like lead. It's time to cry it out. Y
ou don't have to experience this by yourself. Call a friend or family member that loves to listen. You're not alone. It's completely normal and healthy to cry from time to time.


Remember, don't let the emotion stay stagnant for too long. Positive change occurs when you move through your emotions. If you need to cry it out or sweat it out, plead do!

Journaling and incense can be powerful ways to experience your emotions as well. Remember, rather than avoiding the discomfort, lean in! Carve out the time and create a safe space to fully experience everything.

Let yourself purge the pain so you can make room for positive energy to consume your body. Thanks for reading! Please continue to stay safe and healthy in the world. 

Annie Foley
Incense Falls 

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