Top 5 Aromatherapy Incense Cones for Anxiety

As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, aromatherapy can be used for a variety of illnesses and conditions, both mental and physical.

But by far, the most common condition among the world's populace is anxiety.

I have it, you have it, and so does everybody else.

Aromatherapy is by far one of the most effective tools to help manage anxiety, but it's important to know which scents in particular are best.

If you're looking for anxiety relief, try one of the following incense cones and take back control of your life. 




Lavender is by far the most popular incense cone we offer, and for good reasons.

It can be used to enhance yoga or meditation practices, relieve tension after physical exercise, but it's best known for anxiety relief and management.

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Coming in close second is Lemon.

Sourced from the peel of the Citrus limon plant, the crisp & refreshing smell it provides helps puts your mind in an almost instant state of well-being.

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Worshiped by many different Indian countries for centuries, Magnolia relaxing and calming properties due to its floral scent.

We source our Magnolia incense cones from the elegant white flower buds that blossom from local Indian Magnolia Trees.

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Also known as white cedar, Thuja is a tree local to Eastern North America and made its way to Europe as a decorative plant.

Sourced from living, healthy White Cedar trees, the fruity aroma from our Thuja incense cones will bring your anxiety levels way down.

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Last but not least, an extremely effective anxiety-relieving incense cone is our exclusive Rose scent.

Incense Falls' Rose incense cones are derived straight from fresh rose plants, filling the room with its unmistakable romantic smell.

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Although aromatherapy is a great tool to manage anxiety, it isn't a one-all-cure-all.

Supplement our incense cones with yoga, meditation, breathing, or the Wim Hof Method to have an excellent, stress-relieving day.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

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