The Truth About Ayahuasca

Long shrouded in mystery, the concept of a visit with Mother Ayahuasca is as intriguing as it is confronting.

The sacred, ancient Ayahuasca ceremony has captured the imaginations of many in the Western world, and increasing interest has been sparked surrounding its secrets.

With more and more spiritual seekers looking to uncover the revelations promised from partaking in this sacred plant medicine ceremony... You too may be one of the curious souls with some questions about its efficacy and safety.

Is this natural treatment for afflictions of the spirit the best choice when compared to seeking out pharmaceutical therapies? 

From a consumer standpoint, the word "natural" projects the idea that a natural product that is better than a synthetic counterpart. However, exotic products like Ayahuasca may not be considered safe among some because of its psychoactive properties. For all intents and purposes, Ayahuasca comes with a caveat: Buckle up, because you'll be in for a wild ride

Conversely, Ayahuasca has been reported to help many due to its therapeutic effects; with its powers credited to curing depression, opiate addiction and psychological trauma...

So, what is the truth about Ayahuasca?

analyzing ayahuasca

Ayahuasca comes from Amazon native plants, including the bani stereopsis caapi vine. 

When a person takes the brew, it creates altered states of awareness. The effects of these hallucinogenic journeys can vary from person to person as dramatically as can possibly be conveyed. 

Each session can be a deeply transformative and moving experience, providing insights beyond the realms of many people's wildest imaginings, but they can also be deeply confronting and alarming at their most profound.

The word Ayahuasca means "Soul Vine" in the Quechua language spoken in Peru and Ecuador.

Generally, people make it into a tea for religious or spiritual purposes. The substance that creates psychedelic images is DMT.

where it all began

Surrounded by mystery and still not fully comprehended by modern sensibilities, Ayahuasca is a fascinating concept. Though it has been used for hundreds of years by native tribes all over South America and in the Amazon Rainforest, it is not well documented where the practice first began. 

It first came into focus among historians after Christian missionaries traveling to South America in the 16th Century discovered the natives using Ayahuasca. 

Based on their religious beliefs and their inability to accept the intricacies of the possibilities, the missionaries made the assessment that Ayahuasca was the work of the Devil.

why summon mother ayahuasca?

In some cultures, hallucinogens were part of many ceremonies, such as a Vision Quest, or finding your soul name. Shamans ate natural substances to help them walk between the worlds, via trance. 

All such gifts from nature were treated with the due respect. It is fabled that angering the spirit of a plant such as Ayahuasca resulted in the transdimensional journeyman having a “bad trip”.

Today, people interested in exploring the full capabilities of the mind have an interest in Ayahuasca. 

Anecdotal stories of people recovering from depression or addiction by using Ayahuasca have also drawn contemporary attention.

the science behind the magic

Just using the vine of the
Ayahuasca plant on its own doesn't create psychedelic effects- the psychoactive chemical components actually assemble when combined with another native Amazonian plant, Psychotria Viridis.

The resulting constituent is DMT.

The two ingredients are brewed into a tea, which is extremely potent. After drinking the tea, it takes about thirty minutes to feel something changing in one's awareness. 

The results range widely, and have been likened to taking LSD, but with a greater spiritual focus. 

Some brain scans indicate that the use of this tea soothes the areas of the brain tied to anxiety and depression.

DMT may also help with memory recovery and an overall healthier mind. Some people look to Ayahuasca as a means of working through painful issues and promoting self-healing. 

Nonetheless, the results must be considered subjective. You are a unique person with unique experiences and physical makeup. 

What you interpret from an Ayahuasca trance is wholly personal

who can legally use it?

While it's true that Ayahuasca is illegal to use in the US and is considered a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, there are some groups who are allowed to use the tea for religious purposes, thanks to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

A thriving spiritual tourism industry for Ayahuasca seekers exists, and it offers a way for curious travelers to visit other countries to experience the ceremonies on local soil. 

Organized retreats at dedicated Ayahuasca lodges all over South America offer up the experience to those who are eager to delve into the mysteries that may be revealed within from meeting Mother Ayahuasca. Many have found a spirit quest to the Amazon Rainforest to be guided through the ceremonies by a traditional shaman to be the perfect medicine to heal the mind, body, and soul.

how safe is ayahuasca?

The truth about Ayahuasca is that it is relatively safe. 

Some people may experience vomiting, which is considered a normal part of the process and is even encouraged by traditional shamans. This symbolizes the purging of past traumas, the expelling of negativity and the cleansing of spiritual disease. 

While a handful of deaths have been reported, these all appeared to be tied to patients with pre-existing heart conditions, or were due to interactions with other pharmaceuticals. 

Experienced shamans and Ayahuasca retreats have strict guidelines they require participants to follow, to ensure the safety of those who partake. You are required to abstain from certain foods, stimulants and alcohol for several days before arriving for the ceremony, and for several months for all prescription medications.

While evidence suggests that Ayahuasca is a reasonably safe substance to consume... Always use your best judgment when deciding if it's a good fit for you.

Ayahuasca is a powerful therapeutic treatment, and a sacred plant that is both highly regarded and spiritually anointed- So be sure to regard the ceremony of meeting with this teacher with the utmost respect she deserves. 

If you're curious about trying Ayahuasca, remember to approach your process with careful consideration and thoughtfully weigh up the potential risks. Be sure to research your treatment centers and shamans thoroughly, and take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

To your limitless potential, 


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