The Pineal Gland: Tap into Your Third Eye Chakra & Unleash Your Potential

As conscious creators, one of the greatest untapped resources lies within… In a tiny gland as small as a grain of rice in our brains: the Pineal Gland. 

While modern science has scraped the surface understanding the role our pineal gland plays on a physiological level; ancient cultures have been harnessing the spiritual impact of tapping into its capabilities for centuries.

Third eye chakra opening techniques meditation

Revered in many disciplines as the Third Eye and known as a portal to our spiritual awakening and the doorway to accessing our human potential; the practice of Third Eye Chakra opening through activating our brain’s pineal gland has proved to be a meaningful venture into the psyche for many. 

This tiny pinecone-shaped gland has always been surrounded by mystery and enigma in both scientific and spiritual circles. It is unique in being the only physical link existing in our bodies between our biological and metaphysical selves. This means that when it is not functioning effectively, our physical bodies as well as our non-physical spirit selves can weather the blow.

  • Physiologically, the pineal gland’s primary function is regulating melatonin and serotonin levels in our endocrine system. At nighttime, melatonin helps our bodies ease into drowsiness and prepare for sleep; and in the morning, our bodies convert that melatonin into serotonin, allowing us to feel happy and vibrant. 

  • The pineal gland is, in essence, our internal body clock. Its contributions to our body’s aging process that affects our reproductive system, sleep patterns and memory function correlate to the effects the hands of time have on our physical bodies. Having a properly functioning pineal gland has recently been linked to preventing Alzheimer’s disease. 

  • The pineal gland assists the brain by organizing the images we perceive with our eyes. It allows depth perception, as it is the bridge for our ocular nerve to create one picture in our brain out of the dual images we see with our two eyes. 

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

  • Spiritually, the pineal gland is known as the Third Eye. The famous philosopher Rene Descartes believed that our pineal gland was not only the mind’s eye, but also the seat of the soul. He held the opinion that our pineal gland is where our soul enters from the non-physical realm into the physical realm. 

  • The pineal gland allows our bodies to manifest deep insights through clarity and intuition. It allows us to think creatively, behave lovingly, and imagine beyond preconceived notions of our limitations.
  • Developing psychic powers is not uncommon among those with an activated Third Eye, and the capability for perceiving future events is readily reported. 

How does the pineal gland become inactive?

If something is off kilter in your life, it may be due to a calcified pineal gland. Modern science has discovered that by the time we reach 2 years old, many of our pineal glands have already become calcified and inactive. By 17 years old, over 40% of us will have an inactive pineal gland. Many of us don’t even realize that this has occurred, and can carry out our entire lives without reaping the benefits of awakening our Third Eye. 

Calcification is a hard build-up that collects on our pineal gland due to calcium deposits. These hard deposits naturally collect on its surface as a result of consuming too much fluoride or calcium, but there is an easy technique we can use to remove this calcification and unlock our Third Eye’s capabilities.   

What is the pineal gland or third eye?

Credited with contributing to both our physical and spiritual wellness, you’ll notice some changes that impact your body and the way you perceive the world. When your pineal gland becomes decalcified and your Third Eye Chakra begins to open, you’ll notice that:

  • You’ll have heightened awareness and intuition, as your Third Eye opening allows you to see beyond the obvious. You’ll be able to look transparently through half-truths and deception, seeming to have a sixth sense when things aren’t quite right. 

  • You’ll perceive situations and people in a new light, as your spiritual self gets in sync with the ebb and flow of your moods. 

  • You’ll feel more forgiving, loving and calm, as you come to see yourself not only as an individual, but as a thread in the fabric of the universe. 

  • You’ll sleep better, as your melatonin release falls into step with natural circadian rhythms, connecting you to mother earth.

  • You’ll have a heightened sense of self. You’ll feel more self-reliant, accountable, and less hasty in defining yourself within limiting attitudes.

Pineal Gland and Third Eye opening meditation

To decalcify and activate our Third Eye, ancient wisdom recommends this meditation technique. It helps to vibrate built-up calcification off our pineal gland and usher in phenomenal changes in our physical and spiritual existence...

Try it for Yourself: 

  • Set your intention for your meditation. When we decide to focus on our pineal gland during our meditation practice, we access brain activations, emotional release and an ability to shake off our fear of letting go.

  • Bring your attention to the area between your eyebrows. Visualize focusing energy and 

  • Take a deep breath. On the exhale, vocalize the mantra “OM’. This sound is most recognizably used to commence and close yoga practice, as it represents the eternal universe and transcending physical realms.

  • Draw out this "OM" sound for the duration of your entire breath- it should be low-pitch and measured, creating a reverberation that sends its waves deep into your brain to gently agitate your pineal gland. With repeated practice, this will destabilize the calcium build-up and shake the hard deposits off, allowing your pineal gland to function optimally.
  • Your endocrine system will launch into gear, encouraging your hormones to balance, moving them through our bodies and metabolizing into our system.
  • Feel the wave of clarity and wellness course through your body. When we chant "OM"  and visualize our pineal gland decalcifying, we communicate deeply with all of our intricate internal systems.

Third Eye Chakra and Pineal Gland activation

  • Amplify your meditation experience by setting a relaxing, restorative atmosphere. I love setting my intention for my meditation practice for a few moments before beginning by lighting my backflow incense burner. Focusing on its cascading wisps of smoke tumbling down always ushers in a feeling of calm in my mind and clears away any negative energy I've gathered over the course of the day. Sipping on a cup of green tea assists in lifting my spirits and easing into this oasis of zen, and I love to echo this restoration by accentuating my tea ceremony with the herbal fragrance of our Green Tea Incense Cones

While some of the physical and emotional changes you’ll notice when your Third Eye becomes more active can be alarming at first, and may feel a bit supernatural... Trust that these manifestations and the sharpening of your instincts are a great asset, and this growth is allowing you to connect with your spiritual self in a deeper and expansive way.

I hope you enjoy the expansive physical and spiritual wellbeing benefits you'll discover when you activate your pineal gland and awaken your Third Eye Chakra.

All it takes is stepping inside yourself and letting go...


Fefe | Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

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