The Infinite Power of the Mind

How powerful do you THINK your mind is?

The mind is an eternal playground...

A place for infinite possibilities, ideas, and dreams. Where they can dance, take root, and manifest in this version of reality. 

The only limitation is that which is perceived by the mind.

Therefore, mindset - and the beliefs one espouses most strongly - determine one’s ascension, direction, and achievements in this lifetime. There is nothing impossible except that which one seems to be so. 

But, knowing these abstract truths on an intellectual level is different than practicing, applying, and utilizing them daily.

  “Knowing” the potential of any one thing, without harnessing and being able to manifest it, is not knowing. 

There is a vast divide between the mind and the brain.

Mindset is expansive and can travel between realities, and outside of the physical experience. The brain may be slightly more limited to this physical reality.

Through practice and training, like all other learned skills, we can use our minds to their true potential.  Building a healthy, focused, and resilient mindset is intentionally cultivated, often through challenging life experiences and constant self-work and self-discipline. 

So, how does one harness this superpower that's inherent within each of us? 


One tangible area of cultivating a resilient mindset comes from practicing self-restraint.

Practicing discipline may stem from limiting indulgences, committing to routines and relationships, making self promises, and fulfilling them.

Setting and achieving small personal goals are tangible and achievable actions one can take to begin to build the infinite muscle of the mind.

Learn to control the body, and the mind becomes empowered. 

For example, consider committing to a daily yoga practice of 10 sun salutations in the morning.

Some days one will have to rise earlier to accomplish this goal, but doing so will pay tremendous dividends to the self-respect, and mental strength one will gain by keeping this commitment. 

Even if things don’t go as planned on some days, it is still possible to carve out time for one’s duties throughout the busiest days. Making this small effort builds massive capital in the bank of self-worth.

Having higher levels of self-worth is positively associated with high levels of mental health and strength.

These small acts prove to the subconscious that we can have, be, or do anything that our minds are capable of imagining.


Meditation is another way to strengthen the mind.

It seems counterintuitive that by quieting the mind, one can best access and harness its infinite potential, but the quieting is more for those parts of the brain that are not authentic to the true self. 

  It’s important to remember that we are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are like a ticker tape running through the mind. 

Our emotions attach to the scary thoughts, the delusional thoughts, the thoughts which provoke the strongest emotions in us. It is there, within our egos, but these thoughts are not essential or genuine to our being. 

They are said to be viruses of the mind, and they have been programmed into our subconscious since childhood. It may take years to release these thought patterns and replace them with healthier, expansive, and infinite self-expanding thought-forms... Indeed, that is the task of self-work at its core. 

Meditation may be seen as a tool to detoxify oneself from old thought patterns, give the mind space to reset, neutralize, and grow new neural pathways of positivity, creativity, imagination, and self-belief. 

The Mind Left Unchecked...

When the mind is unruly, it can be a dangerous and extremely terrifying place to spend time.

We are prone to downplay the danger of experiencing even temporary instability of the mind. One may say glibly, “Oh well, it’s just all in my head.”

As writer Marianne Williamson so brilliantly points out, “Is there any place worse it could be? There’s no worse place for one’s demons than to be so close that they’re all in one’s head!” 

As anyone who’ll admit to faltering can attest, having the mental ticker tape flickering with panic and thoughts of fear is one of the most dreadful experiences.

A Course in Miracles calls this hell and says that a miracle needs to be requested to understand things differently to escape from hell and return to heaven on earth. 

The good news, according to this handbook, is that we are both entitled to ask for miracles as well as to expect them to be granted; because a miracle is simply a shift in perspective. 

Perhaps one that is (always) given by Source, but the teachings continue that ideas do not leave their Source - and so if one’s thoughts stem from terror, they are not originating from the highest version of oneself. Only those thoughts that align with the infinite potentiality within each are those that stem from Source

When the mind is split, it needs to heal - and that’s a great time to ask for that miracle, that shift in perspective. then, one can regain the natural fortitude that’s always available, never lacking and ever abundant. 

Becoming an Awareness Explorer

The mind exists for exploration. To be expanded, from both thought and life experience.  

We will falter, and again we will rise; it’s much like any other muscle one trains at the gym. 

It’s iterative; it’s never finished, and so it’s never wrong. 

The imagination is the most heavenly place to spend the illusion of time. 

When you think you’ve gone too far, you’re probably only three feet from gold.

Keep going. Dance with it. Condition it. Neither fear nor boredom lasts when the mind is a peaceful and inspired space in which to dwell.

May right thought and right action be your superpower,

Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

Celebrate Your Infinite Mind

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