The Incredible Power of Visualization

manifest your desires through  your powers of visualization

One of the conventional methods for connecting with our inner potential is visualization. 

Did you ever lay on your back and watch clouds on a sunny day to find shapes and let your mind wander? 

Visualization is like that... But with a defined purpose.

Setting your intention is one of the essential aspects of manifestation. Visualizing what you want to do successfully before you do it supports the actualization of bringing your thoughts into the material realm. 

When combined with other spiritual techniques like meditation, mantras, affirmations, and patterned breathing; the results from visualization can grow exponentially.

defining visualization vs. meditation

Because visualization and meditation go together like bread and butter, it may be hard to separate the two initially. So how do you differentiate between these two beneficial practices, and push your meditation sessions to lean more toward powerful visualization processes?


Meditation offers deep relaxation. It puts you back in touch with Universal patterns, the Source, and your soul's essence – your contract in this incarnation. Here you don't need to think; instead, experience.


Visualization, by comparison, is a type of meditation. When starting to visualize however, you focus on a specific, positive outcome using your careful thoughts, and consciously place yourself in the success.

Visualization is one key to becoming the co-creator of your reality.

Focus on life where you are the best version of yourself. Focus on authenticity and your ideal life.

Let's take one example:

In Holistic healing, a guide might suggest visualizing the part of you that's whole and healthy. To do this every day, like a vitamin for your spirit. 

While results vary, many people report that their condition seems to improve with ongoing practice of these positive vibrations.

You know the saying:   "Seeing is Believing"? 
...Well, that's exactly what you're doing when you set scenes in the movie theater of your mind (Don't forget the popcorn!)

Positive imagery lets you hold space in an optimistic mindset, boosts your immune system and changes your perspectives. 

You are what you THINK. 

visualization as a practice

If you want to know how to harness the power of visualization, practice is essential.

  Consider it this way: You didn't learn to ride a bike after just one try. It took you several days or weeks or practice, and even then you didn't fully master all the tricks. Visualization is just like that. 

If you want to change your life, put visualization into your daily routine. 

Those lunch and bathroom breaks at work now have another use! You can transform all those little in-between moments throughout your day to indulge in a little positive boost. No one said you have to strike a yoga pose during visualization... You can walk and visualize, eat and visualize; it's an easy background program to run while you're doing other things that only require your partial attention.

Repetition of one form of thought that begins retraining your brain. 

The more frequently you put a specific image into your mind's eye, the more it imprints your subconscious as reality. 

If you've continually had the same scenario re-running on the TV of your existence, continually leading to negative outcomes, visualization becomes very important. 

To break the cycle, you have to learn to think differently, and stick to it!

tools for improved visualization

In harnessing the power of visualization, there are some additional tools that can help you out. 

carry A Talisman 

This object can be whatever resonates with you, and pretty much anything can become a talisman that represents your intention to start switching into your visualizing mindset. 

It might be a specific piece of jewelry or a good luck charm, or you might choose to carry a crystal whose energies correspond to your goals. 

Use it like a worry stone, but in a more productive and positive way. Hold onto it while you visualize and notice the ease with which your creative thoughts follow.

Repeat Affirmations

Affirmations are another way of keeping your mind focused on your visualized intent. Use simple, meaningful words (this isn't a dissertation). If you've felt weary, try something like, “I am vibrant and filled with stamina,” for example.

distraction tactics

It's really easy to become distracted when you first try visualization techniques. 

The phone rings, your nose itches, you think about your grocery list. 

  Becoming distracted is normal. Your busy mind is used to doing many things at once, and now you're instead telling it: “Hey... FOCUS!”

So, start out slow. Visualize your first, most crucial intent for just a minute or two daily. 

As it becomes easier, expand the time. Just like exercise, those muscles don't appear overnight.

be optimistic, but realistic!

Don't forget to keep your visualization realistic. 

One reason why people often don't find meaningful results with visualization efforts is that they dream a little bigger than their dedication to the achievement will allow.

 Sure, you may want to be an astronaut, but passing those exams...! Well, you get the idea. 

Dream big and expect the universe to clear a pathway for your success, but do be prepared to walk that path you wish to carve out.  

Seek out goals within your grasp- those that need just a little oomph. Then use visualization as an activating component for the Law of Attraction. 

Well-defined thoughts can and do manifest in your environment. 

Just be patient and keep practicing. You will harness the power of visualization, and when you do... Oh, what wonders await you!

May you achieve all your wildest dreams,


Incense Falls

accentuate your visualizations with incense

Set the scene for powerful visualization sessions with the grounding, reassuring aromas of incense. 


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