The Best Aromatherapy for Stress: Mother Nature Says "Come to the Chill Side"

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, over-tasked and stressed out… The need to carve out some time to decompress and rediscover a clear, rational mind and calm body can practically come screeching in sideways, with sirens blazing.

We know the calming and soothing feelings that a good relaxation and meditation session can bring... But did you know that you can supercharge these effects, to further relieve stress and anxiety by using aromatherapy in your modern-world survival kit?

We’re expansive thinkers here, and we know you are too… So, while we ravenously delve into the esoteric and spiritual realms, we also love a bit of good ol’ fashioned science to back things up.

That being said, we’re fierce believers that you can effectively manage the symptoms of these modern times and the effects they can have on our psyche without relying on prescription anxiety medications. Due to the fact that we’re all created from bodies that are indeed all-natural- we’re physically able to assimilate natural therapeutic treatments the most effectively for the best results- just as nature intended. Essential oils are a potent, proven avenue in which we can harness the power of mother nature.

Here, we uncover the best aromatherapy for stress and anxiety that you can easily incorporate into your daily chill-out methods. Use these scientifically-proven essential oils as your secret weapon to help promote relaxation, minimize your anxiety, and reduce the unpleasant physical effects our emotions can bring about when we feel ourselves strapping into that wild rollercoaster of stress... 

6. Rose Oil

Rose essential oil applied to the skin or inhaled can help with stress


In a study conducted to investigate the relaxing effect of rose essential oils on the body, subjects were tested with rose essential oil versus a placebo to define the effects. Significant decreases in blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure and also their breathing rate were observed. In addition to these physical findings, the subjects rated their emotional responses to be more relaxed and calm with decreased anxiety as a result of using rose oil as aromatherapy.

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5. Lemon Oil

Lemon essential oils applied to skin or inhaled can help with stress and anxiety

Discoveries emerging from recent Japanese research have found that the citrusy aroma of lemon essential oils lower the heart rate and blood pressure, thus easing the heightened senses of discomfort and agitation one feels when under immense stress. It can also positively affect brain wave patterns on EEG scans.

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4. Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang ylang essential oils applied to skin or inhaled assist with anxiety and stress

In several studies, the aroma of Ylang Ylang essential oil has been proven to decrease blood pressure and calm the nervous system. EKG reports on these groups have revealed that ylang ylang actually lowered their heart rates and stabilized their hearts’ rhythms. This in turn helps alleviate many of the unpleasant physical manifestations that appear when one is feeling stressed.


3. Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil can be applied to the skin or inhaled for aromatherapy benefits

Clinical trials have revealed that inhaling lavender essential oil can reduce anxiety in patients prior to surgery, and also when they’re being treated in an intensive care unit. These studies have also supported claims that when aromatherapists use essential oil of lavender in their treatments, patients experience more stress relief, anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing benefits.

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2. Jasmine Oil

Jasmine essential oils for anxiety and stress relief

Inhaling the sweet, floral aroma of jasmine essential oil works powerfully on a neurological level. It directly impacts the neurotransmitter chemical in our brains and nervous systems called GABA, which effectively blocks stressed-out impulses in the nerve cells of our brains. This evidence supports the claim that jasmine can be a viable natural alternative to therapies for stress, anxiety and depression.

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1. Basil Oil


In aromatherapy, the oils from this herb family such as holy basil or sweet basil are actually adaptogenic. This means they can adapt to suit the needs of the body as required, and they support the body’s natural ability to cope with stress. A 2015 study revealed that the phenol compounds in basil oil helps to balance the nervous system, relieve anxiety, and calm the mind.

Using essential oils to support your body’s natural stress response is easy and relaxing when you take your aromatherapy in incense form. There’s no more relaxing and indulgent way to soothe your frazzled nerves and reset your perspective than by watching the cascading tendrils of smoke lazily tumbling down over your Incense Falls backflow incense burner.

You’ll get a double whammy of stress-relieving benefits when you combine the centering, meditative ritual of observing its mysterious smoky waterfall unraveling before your eyes, in cooperation and sync with the proven stress-busting benefits of these key essential oils.

May tranquility become you, 

Fefe | Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

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