The Best Aromatherapy for Inflammation


Inflammation can rear its ugly head due to a variety of reasons... 

But the bottom line is, it’s pretty unpleasant to experience whatever the source.

Inflammation causes swelling, pain in the affected areas, hot spots where excessive blood flow rushes to the site of the inflammatory markers, and even decreased function due to swollen joints or blocked airways, depending where the site of the swelling sets up camp.

  Inflammation accompanies a whole host of underlying causes. While it serves an important purpose of assisting the body’s healing systems, it can also be a pesky symptom that exacerbates an already painful condition.   

Reducing inflammation can be a key element in calming down the severity or duration of pain- So if it can be minimized, the payoff is well worth the effort.

What is Inflammation? 

Inflammation in itself as a defense mechanism shouldn’t be ignored. It’s part of our body’s immune response that zeroes in on aggressors threatening the safety of our body.

It can manifest as a result of an infection, a histamine (or allergic) reaction, or even to try and purge out a foreign object that’s made its way into our body such as a splinter, some bacteria in a wound, or a substance that irritates our skin.

Inflammation can also be a symptom of many other chronic conditions such as psoriasis, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders and diabetes; causing painful swelling that throbs and aches.

  Decreasing inflammation can help take the edge off the pain while our bodies do the important job of healing the injury or illness. 

Relief from inflammation can be found in some well-known wisdom, such as applying ice to swollen areas to let the cold work its magic by constricting dilated blood vessels, or by taking an over the counter anti inflammatory pain medication to reduce swelling if we’re suffering from seasonal allergy congestion or a sore throat from having the flu.

Did you know that inflammation can also be treated a natural way, that is not only effective, but also supremely soothing on our stressed-out nerves too?

The powerful anti-inflammatory properties found in some key essential oils have been proven to reduce the painful element of inflammation, and let your body get on with repairing itself- without the added strain of discomfort being added to the equation.  

Try these top 3 Anti-Inflammatory Aromatherapy scents to reduce pain and swelling caused by our body’s inflammatory response:

3. agarwood

Agarwood is a precious, resinous tree found throughout Asia that has been highly prized for its fragrant and medicinal properties for centuries.

Despite its use in traditional medicine and religious ceremonies for generations, the therapeutic chemical compounds found in Agarwood have only recently been studied extensively and brought to light.  

  Agarwood Essential Oil possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its ability to slow the pro-inflammatory cytokine storm you can credit the painful elements of inflammation with.

It works to further subdue the unpleasant symptoms of inflammation by reducing oxidative stress of the body’s cells when fighting infections and preventing uncomfortable thickening of the skin that can result from inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Feel the ancient wisdom unfold when you experience the benefits of anti-inflammatory aromatherapy of Agarwood.


2. thyme

Thyme Essential Oil not only smells delicious as a fragrant herbal elixir, but it contains powerful Thymol compounds that are effective in reducing inflammation.

  Thyme oil was discovered in a 2010 study to suppress the inflammatory enzyme called COX-2, working in a similar way as the beneficial compounds found in red wine.

It has been further credited with nurturing the heart, thanks to the cardioprotective capabilities of Carvacrol found in its essential oil. 

1. lavender

Ahh, Lavender. Is there anything it can’t do? 

Aside from its famous reputation as being a soothing fragrance to settle frazzled nerves and summon instant calm, Lavender essential oil can also add anti-inflammatory superstar to its resume.

  Lavender oil contains Beta-Caryophyllene, a potent anti-inflammatory terpene that’s also found in phytocannabinoids like cannabis.

During a study conducted on arthritis sufferers, significant reductions in pain and swelling were noted from the use of Lavender essential oil, thanks to the anti-inflammatory compounds heavily contained in this highly beneficial therapy.

Try Lavender Incense Cones for a double whammy of relief, as you usher in deep relaxation from the ceremony of burning this fragrant incense, whilst soothing swelling and easing pain from inflammation.


Whatever the source of your inflammation, relief from the painful symptoms of this important immune response can be found in aromatherapy.

We love combining the balancing practice of burning incense with our aromatherapy delivery methods... and Incense Falls Incense Cones provide the perfect therapeutic qualities for addressing your inflammation concerns effectively. All whilst soothing your mind, body and soul... 

Wishing you the best of health and comfort,

Incense Falls Wellness Contributor
Nevada, USA



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