The Best Aromatherapy for Depression: Clearing the Fog with Essential Oils

When you’re all tied up in the grips of depression, it can seem like an unfathomable task to step away from it. While depression is a mood disorder, the physical and emotional manifestations that go hand-in-hand with it can be all-encompassing and cause our functional lives to grind to a halt.

Depression feels very real, and it is. While the debilitating effects can impact each of our lives very differently, it can seem like an inescapable reality for many. Depression can:

  • Zap our energy
  • Dampen our zest for life
  • Influence the prism through which we see the world around us
  • Make us feel deeply sad for no apparent reason
  • Wreak havoc on our sleep schedule
  • Make it impossible to concentrate
  • ...And at its worst, even make us feel like we’ve got nothing worth fighting for. 

Many people turn to antidepressants and anxiety medications as initial treatment to take the edge off the darkest times of depression symptoms. Often medication treatment is prescribed in acute cases to help sufferers get over the hump, but the side effects can turn out not to be a good long-term fit for many, such as myself. 

After feeling like the medications were not only numbing the negative emotions I was experiencing; but also diminishing the positive ones... I started exploring different treatment options that would help me take some much-needed space and do the mental work necessary to live without that chemical crutch. 

The first step for me was granting myself permission to be gentle with myself. I found a release by taking time to let myself rest, by meditating, getting out in nature, and using essential oils.

Clarity started to show itself when I quieted my mind and realized that I didn’t have to define myself by my negative feelings. When I felt like I couldn’t see beyond the struggle, I’d take some much-needed time to rebalance and reconnect with myself… And then that’s when the real healing began to take place.

Creating an atmosphere to allow this healing process to unfold was paramount. For this, I started with aromatherapy. It’s been proven as an effective and natural method for treating depression, for myself and many others. Using key essential oils for aromatherapy treatment has helped me to establish a relaxing and restorative self-care routine. 

The instantly grounding effect of smelling these soothing fragrances halts my negative emotions, and in turn has allowed me to disengage from my depression, hopeless thoughts, and sense of panic, to find some stillness amid the chaos.

So, what is the best aromatherapy for depression? Try these 3 scientifically proven essential oils for depression to signal to your body that it’s time to connect with your inner being, and allow a feeling of ease to wash over you while you get to reassuring your mind, body and soul... 

Sandalwood essential oil for depression symptoms

Insomnia is an unpleasant side effect for people battling depression; but when we’re struggling to shake off the hazy feelings that descend on us when we’re feeling low, a good night’s sleep is exactly what we need to recharge our batteries.

Sandalwood essential oil increases the amount of restful sleep we’re able to get due to its powerful hypotensive agent that lowers blood pressure, which in turn reduces the uncomfortable feelings of heightened sensation that often accompany depression and anxiety. 

Sandalwood essential oils help alleviate symptoms of depressionUse essential oils for an effortless departure from the sensory overload, with Australian Sandalwood Incense Cones HERE.

 Lavender essential oils may help with depression

Widely recognized as the gold standard in relaxation, inhaling the fragrance of Lavender essential oil will immediately relay calming signals to your brain. When you’re feeling dissociative, in a low mood, or are having trouble switching off your worrying about things and connecting back to yourself; Lavender will be a soothing, grounding beacon that acts as a reminder that everything is going to be ok.

Not only is the scent of this essential oil highly regarded for summoning relaxation; studies show it also has a powerful sedative effect that can help us by slowing down our heart rate and relaxing our muscles when we’re feeling edgy. 

Lavender essential oils to treat symptoms of depressionAdopt a natural treatment into your mood-elevating techniques with Lavender Incense Cones HERE.

 Jasmine essential oils may help with depression

If the symptoms of your depression have you feeling lethargic, unmotivated and like you can’t get out of bed, try Jasmine essential oil to put some wind in your sails.

Non-habit forming and natural, the uplifting, bright scent of Jasmine oil has been proven in studies to elevate low moods, increase energy levels and calm the nervous system.

Jasmine essential oils help treat symptoms of depressionUplift your senses and shake off the fog of depression with Jasmine Incense Cones for your Incense Falls burner. Get yours HERE.

Remember, everything is going to be ok. Please go easy on yourself and allow yourself space to decompress and come back to your true, beautiful, vibrant nature. Even though it may not feel like it sometimes, it’s all still there inside you... I promise! You'll find it again if you slow down your thoughts and let yourself just be. It just takes a little gentleness and an understanding that you’re on a healing path. 

Start by combining some natural methods such as aromatherapy with a regular meditation and relaxation practice, to encourage a feeling of love and appreciation back into your life. While medical treatment can be necessary for people in some cases to address acute depression, I’ve found ongoing freedom from my negative thoughts and attitudes by adopting a strong sense of self-worth and wellbeing with these natural methods.

I love centering myself and creating a reassuring, soothing atmosphere with my Incense Falls backflow incense burner. Giving myself some regular self-care treatment with this grounding aromatherapy ritual has helped me stop relying on antidepressants, so I could come back at the world with the joie de vivre this amazing existence deserves! 

I use essential oils to help align myself once more with the person I know I am. I hope you too can find some solace and rejuvenation when you get the much-needed deep sleep required to reset your frazzled nerves, rediscover your inner being, and start to see all the beauty this world has to offer once more. Essential oils may be just the help you need to start you on your journey toward a brighter tomorrow…

Wishing you a rapid return to center, 

Fefe | Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

P.S. If you, or somebody you know is struggling with depression, now is the time to reach out for help. There are many resources and options for treatment available to assist us in our darkest hours, so please reach out and you’ll always be greeted with a warm hand to help pull you out of the shadows. You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are lovable and loved. And above all else: You are not alone. 

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