Send Sultry Sparks Flying with Incense for Love

Love life needs a little supercharge? Light up some incense and kindle that flame…

Can you feel the love tonight? Not so much? 

Well... It’s time to change that! 

Candles aren’t the only atmospheric thing you can have burning on your next romantic vendetta: Incense is a safer and even more seductive alternative for date-night.

Having a lovers quarrel, perhaps? Don’t worry, there’s incense for that too: So you can torch the tension rather than burning those bridges.

Here’s 6 sultry, harmonizing and seductive incense fragrances to strap you into that sexy driver’s seat…

6. Agarwood

In relationships, balance is important. Our energies thrive on the delicious tango dancing within our push and pull, yin and yang.

If you find that your relationship is feeling a little off kilter, it may be time to spark up some Agarwood incense.

This vastly interesting woody scent brings forth balance, enlightenment, clarity, and it can relieve anxiety whilst expelling negative energies.

Agarwood is practically the Swiss Army Knife of love-driving incense; good for everything, and everyone should have it in their kit of essentials!

5. Australian Sandalwood

Every couple has disagreements, both big and small... Often lacking a real point.

When the going gets tough, consider lighting some Australian Sandalwood incense to cleanse the mood and relieve some tension.

Australian Sandalwood will bring some clarity to the real issues that lay simmering beneath that silly argument about putting the cap back on the toothpaste. How hard can it be to put the cap back on the toothpaste?! Seriously.

Take a moment to get to the root of it all, when you let the Sandalwood lead you down a path to spiritual awareness as a couple.

4. Lavender

Get rid of your relationship and energy blockages with this relaxing scent on your incense burner.

Lavender takes your bedroom to a peaceful place and encourages an environment to take part in some spiritual healing, easing tension and any relationship headache.

This light floral scent is a perfect accompaniment to any romantic day spent languishing around the house together, and is an excellent excuse to curl up in each other’s arms for that Sunday afternoon nap that we all want to indulge in.

3. Neroli

Neroli, otherwise known as orange blossom, can enhance your sexual magnetism and attract romance.

This scent is also known to calm the mind, and it’s said to lend a hand to couples that are trying to get over their sexual anxieties.

Instead of succumbing to a bout of performance anxiety, or feeling self conscious about our weight or appearance, Neroli is linked to increasing confidence in sexual performance.

This is an incense guaranteed to help you “get lucky”, as it’s believed to increase your good fortune: We’ll take that as translating to success between the sheets too!

Being a true romantic, Neroli incense is also said to nourish feelings of fidelity, keeping our affections locked firmly in place for those close to our hearts.

2. Patchouli

Happy days have come again when patchouli is wafting around you.

This joy-bringing incense is also used in some fertility rituals, if you and your partner are ready to bring a bundle of joy into your lives.

With a strongly spicy, yet mossy earthy scent; Patchouli is considered a natural aphrodisiac as well as an antidepressant.

These powerful properties combine to promote strong sexually compatible relationships that have confident, anxiety-free sex... Sounds great, right?


Roses are red, violets are blue... Rose-scented incense will be there for you.

Step up your desire and let love literally be in the air with the scent of the symbol of love itself- Roses!

Add some extra flair to a bed full of rose petals, or give that bouquet an extra kick by lighting up a cone of rose-scented incense to enhance the loving mood.

Use Rose incense to create a scene straight from a storybook, and leave all of your relationship hangups in the smoke.

So, the next time you’re reaching for that candle... Go for your incense burner instead to set the perfect tone for your date night.

Lay back and breathe in connecting clarity, or boost perfect confidence in your love realm.

Incense is there for you, with love, every step of the way…

Incense Falls Wellness Contributor 

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