Lavender | Fill Your Home with Love & Purification

Out of our many incense cones, Lavender always maintains it's popularity as one of the most sought-out fragrances in the world.

Although many people blindly burn this wondrous scent in their home, they don't fully understand why they're so drawn to it.

In this week's edition of Incense Information, we're going to dive deep into the many properties & uses of one of the world's oldest fragrances.


Lavender Throughout History




As mentioned above, lavender has been used throughout human history for a multitude of purposes.

3,000 years ago, when archaeologists opened into King Tut's tomb, a blast of Lavender filled the air. It's also widely accepted that ancient Egyptians used the leaves of Lavender during ritual practices.

In certain regions of India, lavender was used to distract venomous snakes.

In ancient Tuscany, Lavender sprigs were thought to deter evil spirits, and would be worn to kill the evil eye.


Properties of Lavender




The properties of Lavender vary depending on who you ask, what part of the world they're from, or what their religious beliefs are.

Wicca practitioners for example burn Lavender incense when casting various protection spells, or when entering a magic circle.

But let's not get too deep; for now, we'll go over the widely accepted uses & properties:

  • Brings clarity & piece of mind
  • Used during yoga or meditation practices to enhance the experience
  • Relieves tension after rigorous physical exercise
  • Helps to keep people asleep
  • Insect repellent
  • Cleanses the mind, body, and soul
  • Antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory
  • Brings lovers closer together


Interesting Facts About Lavender




It's always fun to move away from physical benefits and explore the more woo-woo metaphysical aspects of aromas, so let's get weird for a minute.

  1. In yogic practices, lavender Incense is believed to empower the crown, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

  2. Mercury & Venus are the planets that rule Lavender. Mercury helps you to speak your mind while Venus assists with love when you burn Lavender.

  3. Virgos and Geminis are the two signs that get the most out of burning Lavender.

  4. Some cultures believe that meditating or lucid dreaming while having Lavender burn under your bed helps you to communicate with your spirit guides.


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