Laoshan Sandalwood: The Precious Incense Looking Out for You

Laoshan Sandalwood stands with solid roots for everything you need...

Laoshan Sandalwood is a warm, milky, woody scent that comes from the oil of Sandalwood trees native to the mountains of Southeast Asia and India.

Sandalwood is integral to the daily worship of deities by religious devotees throughout India, with practitioners of Jainism and Hinduism scattering it as a sacred blessing over their disciples. 

This spiritual incense is cherished and highly prized for its plethora of benefits, in addition to being in demand as a scent for many luxury perfumes and cosmetics. 

Here’s 7 ways incense cones of Laoshan Sandalwood will lead you down the path to a better and more enlightened existence…

7. Helps Soothe Anxiety

The deep, rich smoke of a Laoshan Sandalwood incense cone can help calm you down after anxiety strikes.

It is often hard to rise above the pressures of life. Everywhere you turn, there seems to be another stress trigger lurking in the shadows.

Channel the quiet, assured stability of a Jain Monk and use Sandalwood to combat your stress and transport your mind to a more relaxing place.

6. Help You Fall Asleep Faster & Slumber Soundly

The relaxing properties of Sandalwood incense cones can also carry you into sleep and harbor you smoothly into your dreams.

The scent can be used in tandem with your bedtime routine and act as an indicator to your brain that you’re ready to sleep soundly and recharge your mind, body and soul.

5. Improves Clarity and Concentration

Have a big exam coming up? Trying to figure out what has REALLY been bothering you the last few days?

Have a level on that puzzle game from the Instagram ad that you just can’t beat?

The stimulating scent of Sandalwood can help with your concentration and offer some clarity in times when the answer isn’t clear.

4. Unlocks Positive Thinking

Sometimes the only thing that’s positive in your life is one side of a battery.

Silver linings can be hard to make out when the clouds are dark, and any help you can find to get you to your happy place is worth a shot!

Combined with a much-deserved self-care session, Sandalwood has been said to increase feelings of positivity and promote joy in some users. So don’t worry... Burn some happy!



3. Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Going hand-in-hand with relieving your anxiety, Sandalwood incense can also actually lower your systolic blood pressure.

Lower blood pressure means a lower chance of heart attack and stroke. 

Incense should, of course, be used in conjunction with whatever solution your medical professional has prescribed if you’re working on managing high blood pressure - however, it’s an effective tool to incorporate into your relaxation practices, rounding out your holistic approach to healing.

2. Perfumes Your Environment

The strong and pleasing scent of Laoshan Sandalwood incense can act as a powerful deodorizer in your home.

Use it to clear the air after making that garlic-infused Italian dish, or make a teenage boy's bedroom smell like something intentional, rather than just your typical laundry ad gym sock!  

1. Spices Up Date Night

If you think that a floral incense would be too cliche for your date night and you’d rather go with a natural aphrodisiac, try setting the mood with some Sandalwood incense.

Light your partner’s fire as you both bask in the sultry atmosphere, soaking up the peaceful pleasures of each other's company.

...Sandalwood and chill?


Sandalwood is an all-in incense scent that truly can work for any and every situation.

If you find yourself in need of a versatile incense that can soothe your senses, encourage chill time, switch your brain on, and stimulate your love life, do as the wise ancient ones would and give Laoshan Sandalwood a try...

Melisa Suchy
Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

Cascades of Sultry Laoshan Sandalwood 

The Eternal Dragon tumbles a luxurious waterfall of Laoshan Sandalwood incense from its fiery jaw…  

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