Incense for Ultimate Beauty (Inside and Out!)

From Instagram filters to face masks; everyone strives to be beautiful…

To be that girl in the romantic comedy who walks down the stairs with all eyes on her, or that guy on the football team every girl wants to date.

All superficial aesthetics aside, inner beauty and peace are far more attractive and important than whatever your exterior looks like.

Even if you poke and prod at your face for decades, when your beautiful spirit is worn down and jaded by the perils of life, no amount of foundation will cover up those dark circles under your soul.

True beauty comes from within, but it can sometimes be blocked by the stresses and struggles of everyday life.

We’re all human, and that’s what makes each one of us unique and perfectly imperfect! 

Plus, we know as well as the next person that life can get a little wild and ugly at times… So if ever you catch yourself acting like the cackling villain rather than the dashing hero your soul craves to shine as, take a minute of peace to come back to your beautiful self!

Here’s our 4 favorite failsafe incense fragrances we love, that restore our sense of poised, graceful happiness and beauty when we need a boost:

4. Lavender

Lavender scented incense has the uplifting powers to transport you from an ugly swamp into a beautiful meadow with the flick of your lighter!

Let the soft floral scent of soothing lavender take you and all of your ugly feelings away into peace and serenity. 

Lavender is known to be calming and is effective at crushing your anxiety. This chance to step back provides the opportunity to give your inner being some self care, so you can uplift any funky feelings that are lingering and help you blaze beautifully out of any fug you’ve been wallowing in!

It’s no secret that a good night’s beauty sleep helps us look gorgeous. Our skin glows radiantly, our body feels energized, and our restorative processes work their magic. 

To get the most beauty-boosting benefits out of your 40 winks (and maybe even catch a kiss from a dashing prince!), lavender incense will usher in the sweetest sleep ever, letting you catch every moment of precious shut-eye to revitalize your being. 



3. Green Tea

Green tea is both a calming and body cleansing beverage, but it pulls double-duty standing in as a calming and cleansing incense to boot.

Keep your mind sharp and ready to think through any issues causing you to lose your inner glow with green tea incense. It’s known to relax anxieties without making you sleepy, and is the perfect accompaniment to an energizing yoga session or meditation session.

Green tea incense can also alleviate headaches which can contribute to stress being displayed on your gorgeous face, so uplift your mood and restore your vibrancy that beams from within with some green tea for your soul.



2. Lemon

Citrus scented incense is a good way to transport clarity and calm straight into a distressed brain and spark joy in worn-down souls.

Lighting some lemon scented incense will let you take a break from your woes in a citrus grove far away from your problems, helping your space feel more put-together as you go. 

Inherently energy-clearing, a lemony fresh environment brings a smile to your face that reaches right to your eyes. 

If you’re feeling run down, this energizing smoke will give you all of the tools you need to heal and move forward.



1. Lily

This sweet and innocent-looking flower has properties known to help with depression, and its charming perfume inspires self-care sessions among all who hold its presence.

Sometimes we all need a little reminder that some gentle TLC for our mind, body and soul is paramount, and with it, our magnetic beauty within flourishes unhindered.

Let the scent of lily uplift and purify your spirit so that you can be your best self moving forward, taking time to tend to our own pampering, and returning to feeling beautiful once more.  

Close your eyes and let the scent waft around you, embracing everything you need to feel about yourself and your situation before letting it all go.



Embracing our most show-stopping beauty starts on the inside, and glows with radiant intensity out of every fiber of our being.

No matter what comes to you in your life, inner beauty still lives within each and every one of us. While we get tired, navigate stresses and lose sleep over daily issues that make up the vast tapestry of life, we can always reset and return to the beautiful things in our world.

Allowing our inner compass to guide us back to our true self reveals beautiful acts of grace, kindness and love in our souls.

And that inner beauty is a blazing fire that nobody can snuff out.  

So, if ever the going gets tough and you’re feeling the magic has faded, just reach for some incense, reconnect with your beautiful inner child, and watch all that’s ugly in the world go up in smoke… 

Namaste, beautiful. :)  

Melisa Suchy 
Incense Falls Wellness Contributor


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