How to Use a Backflow Incense Burner

It certainly seems like there are magical forces at play when you think about backflow incense burners! Due to the fact that they're so enchanting to watch, one can be forgiven for believing that you've got to be some kind of sorcerer to summon the magic at home... But with these simple tricks up your sleeve, you too can enjoy the majestic clouds of cascading smoke for yourself!

Here's everything you ever wanted to know about how to use a backflow incense burner, so you can revel in a powerfully mesmerizing result every time.

How to Light a Backflow Incense Burner

Place your backflow incense burner in the ideal location- Choose an indoor location to use, that's free of any drafts and cross-wind that could disturb your smoke cascade. Close any windows and place your burner away from air conditioner vents that create a current. This will ensure a perfect cascade and enchanting smoke effect.

How to light the cone- Have your incense burner set up in place before you light the cone. Hold your incense cone in one hand, and your lighter or match in the other.  

How to hold the cone while you light it- With a firm grip on the very base of your cone incense (keeping your fingers at a safe distance from the flame), carefully tilt the cone slightly sideways on a 45 degree angle. Hold the cone on this sideways angle when you introduce the tip to the flame. This not only allows easier lighting, but encourages the flame to envelop the tip of the cone completely and establish a good ignition. 

How to light a backflow incense burner cone

How long to let the flame burn down- You want to allow the top third of your incense cone to become completely covered in the flame before blowing it out and letting it ash over. This will make sure your cone is burning powerfully and evenly, and has a large surface area that’s been ignited, to generate plenty of luscious clouds. You can encourage an even ring of burning incense by rotating the cone carefully between your fingers while holding it on the 45 degree angle. This allows the flame to consume a bigger surface area, in a more uniform manner.  

When does the backflow effect begin? Your backflow incense cone has a specially designed cone shape. It has a channel hole on the inside that reaches up from the base, to the top third. The very tip of the incense cone is solid, providing fuel to burn and create the smoke being generated. When you light the tip of your incense cone, you’ll notice that the smoke will rise up at the beginning- that is, until the burning portion works its way down to where the channel hole begins… And that’s when the backflow magic happens!  

Troubleshooting Why Isn't My Backflow Incense Burner Working

How to position the cone on the burner- To get a powerful backflow incense smoke effect, ensure that the hole on the bottom of your incense cone lines up perfectly with the hole on the incense burner when you place it on. Lining up these two holes will give you a strong vacuum effect that allows the smoke to be pulled downward with a powerful pull.

Safety Tips for Backflow Incense Burners

  • Set up your backflow burner on a stable, hard surface where it can’t tip over, or be accidentally knocked over in a high-traffic area. 
  • Always burn your incense safely out of reach of children and pets. Their curious nature and the mesmerizing effect of the cascading smoke will attract little hands and snouts, so keep your backflow burner out of harm’s way to ensure an interruption-free meditation session! 
  • Keep any flammable fabrics or materials at a safe distance to avoid curtains blowing onto your cone incense burner or any clothing falling onto it while it’s lit.

Troubleshooting Why Isn't Incense Cone Staying Lit

Why Won’t My Incense Cone Stay Lit?

  • Cone incense not getting enough oxygen to keep it burning- While you do need an area free of any drafts and cross-breeze to get a good effect, remember that fire needs oxygen to maintain a steady burn! Setting up your backflow incense burner in an enclosed area isn’t ideal, so make sure you’ve got enough fresh air so the burning incense won’t be snuffed out from lack of oxygen to feed it. 
  • Cones might not be dry enough- Always store your incense cones in a cool, dry place. Just like firewood that won’t stoke a good fire if it’s damp, if your cone incense picks up too much moisture during storage, they won’t burn properly. Try leaving them on a sunny windowsill for a few minutes to dry out if you live in a humid environment, so they’ll be great kindling! 

Why Isn’t the Backflow Smoke Effect Happening?

  • Incense Burner in a drafty area- If you have a breeze from an open window or an air vent carrying the smoke up and away into your surrounding environment rather than down into your cascade burner, you won’t see it being pulled down with the desired convection effect. 

  • The flame didn’t burn down far enough to get down to the channel hole- Make sure you let the flame burn at least a third of the way down the cone’s tip before blowing it out. This way, you’ll expose the burning incense to the channel hole where the vacuum happens and creates the downward pressure. 
  • The holes aren’t quite lined up- You’re looking to create a vacuum to allow the backflow of smoke to begin, so line up the hole on the base of your cone with the hole on your burner platform (with as much precision as you can!) to ensure a good seal and powerhouse backflow.  

Can You Reuse Incense Cones Again

As with all incense, backflow incense cones are one-time use only, as the flame will consume the material to burn. The good news is, each incense cone burns for about 20 minutes- the perfect amount of time to carve out a meditation session in your busy day! Each box of Incense Falls Incense Cones contains 25 cones, so you can stick with your favorite fragrance for about a month... or get a few different fragrances and alternate days with them depending on your mood! Grab your incense cones here.

Drop us a line if you have any further questions about how to use your backflow incense burner! By trying our pro tips, you can guarantee that every single time you light up your Incense Falls Burner you'll be able to witness this powerful magic putting on an enchanting smoke show just for you...


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Backflow Incense Burner How to Use


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