How to Harness Leo Season with a Roar!

The Wheel of Time turns endlessly... And as it moves, a new Astrological Birth Sign comes onto the horizon with each new month.

Leo, the Lion, arrives between July 23rd and August 22nd each year. 

Leo Season and how it's good for everybody
There's no question that when Leo arrives, he comes roaring onto the scene... After all, he isn't shy! Boldness is a typical character trait among signs ruled by the sun. 

So, how do you go about harnessing Leo Season personally, even if you weren't born during this time?

Leo Season Quotes

Here, we discover some powerful ways we can all rise up during this momentous energy time- with our manes flourishing in the wind, and our courage at an all-time high... So we can all pounce on Leo Season and advance with the pride...

Energy Signatures

How Leo Season is a benefit to other zodiac signs

In understanding how to harness the Leo season, first we have to touch on the concept of energy signatures.

Every moment of every day has a slightly different vibe to it. Weekdays and months are named after celestial spheres and Deities and for a good reason.

The entire year is a sacred dance you can join by celebrating the energies of the moment. That includes tapping into Zodiac Signs like Leo...

Zoom in Your Focus

Is Leo Season good for the other signs?

If Leo had a simple mantra, it would be, “I will.” This is similar to “I am”, but is even more progressive and forward-thinking.

What is your will? Remember that the power to make and change reality begins with a thought.

Some goals well suited to the Leo Season include:

  • Striving for Achievement: What have you been putting off? Take it down from that dusty shelf and get moving! Hunt out those opportunities. Seek your passion. Trust things will be purrrfect.

  • Running Toward Confrontation: People don't generally mess with Leos for a very good reason. They are fierce. Use this time to go one-on-one with an issue that's simmered for far too long. Hesitancy leads to apathy over time. You give up and “live with it.” Leo energy doesn't accept surrender.

  • Displaying Courage: The Leo season can help you re-establish your confidence. If there is a matter you've shied away from, now is the time to look for sensible solutions. Take a leap of faith with the Lion at your side.

Leo Season

  • Feeling Satisfaction & Success: Turn your thoughts toward fulling your soul with peace, pleasure, and pride. You must believe in yourself before success comes.
  • Projecting your Message: Body language is powerful among Leos. They stand straight, head high, eyes forward, and always have a little swagger in their step. If you visualize the golden rays of the sun filling your aura, you will “arrive” on the scene energetically long before when you start physically. Watch the results!
  • Embracing Playfulness and Curiosity: Have you lost sight of your inner child? It's time to let her come out to play! The innocent beauties of the world are never lost in Leos' mind's eye. In fact, they view delicacy as delightful. Once in a youthful mode, the Leo Season also brings out your curiosity, a bit of mischief (he is a cat, after all), as well as some risk-taking. It's OK, and even encouraged, to ask for that date or buy a lottery ticket!

Gathering the Powerful Components

How to Harness Leo Season

So, what tools and techniques can you use to harness the Leo Season and help you drive your willfully-generated energy toward your goal? 

As a tool to harness this time, reach for crystals as natural support system to supercharge your energetic strength. Carry or wear them so their vibrations match your Leo goal.

Crystals for Leo Season

Some great crystals to amplify your inner Leo characteristics:

  • Tiger's Eye: Enthusiasm, increase energy, fulfillment, and motivation

  • Pyrite: Promotes success and prosperity. Manifesting dreams.
  • Hematite: Determination

  • Carnelian: Happiness, optimism, creativity, and vitality

To fortify yourself mentally, try adopting some empowering and productive thought processes. They'll render incredible results and find you leaping from success to success.

Mindfulness practices for Leo season

Mindfulness practices to help you step into your inner lion's power:

  • Meditating on your goal
  • Visualizing your intent as fulfilled
  • Repeating affirmations
  • Keeping a positive and uplifting outlook
  • Remember that like attracts like.
  • Don't let clouds in life overwhelm you. Harnessing the Leo season means basking in the sun's blessings and joy.

By harnessing the powerful, proactive and fearless characteristics of the lion, we can all benefit from a boost in every area of our lives during the highly successful time that is Leo Season, no matter what our astrological sign. So go forth with courage, as you step into the power of all your best qualities.

Roaring with you into Leo Season...

Patricia | Incense Falls Spirituality Collaborator

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