How To Clean a Backflow Incense Burner

As backflow incense burners are skilfully handcrafted with delicate details and intricate workmanship in their design, they do come with a special set of instructions and a bespoke level of care to ensure they’ll be looking and operating at their best. 


Here's our official Instructional Video on our YouTube channel, but if you're more of a step-by-step instruction person, then read and bookmark this article for future use. 


As a truly functional work of art, it’s important to maintain your backflow incense burner in pristine condition and cleanliness. This will provide you with blissfully enchanting clouds of fragrant smoke to accentuate your meditation practice.

Why do I need to clean my backflow incense burner regularly?

The cascading smoke tumbling over your backflow burner is actually generated as a result of the high content of essential oils and sacred resin in backflow incense cones. 

With frequent use, these vaporized essential oils can settle on your burner, building up as an oily or sticky residue. This not only looks unsightly… It can take on an overpowering smell that compromises and overpowers the pure, mesmerizing fragrance of your fresh incense cones. 

Don’t worry: Cleaning your backflow incense burner is easy with these simple steps! Just follow along with our pro tips to ensure your burner always provides a powerful backflow effect, works like magic, and maintains its pristine beauty every time you light it up...

How to clean a backflow incense burner

For Light Daily Cleaning:  Simply remove the last burnt backflow incense cone from the platform where it sits on your backflow burner, and wipe down the outside of the burner with a soft, non-abrasive cloth dampened with some household window cleaner. 

For a Deep Clean to Remove Oily Residue:  Sometimes a deep clean is required to properly remove the oil stains and residue from the smoke trail that builds up and can taint the pure essential oil fragrances of your incense cone. Depending on how frequently you enjoy your backflow incense burner, you may need to clean it with this method on a more frequent basis. 

For an easy and effective deep clean, you’ll want to employ the handy degreasing powers of hot water and dishwashing liquid. They’ll work together to dissolve the oils and lift away the sticky spots from your burner effortlessly and effectively. 


  • A Bucket, Bowl or Sink filled with Hot Water
  • Mild Dishwashing Detergent
  • A Sponge or Soft Cloth
  • Cotton Ball or Q-Tip
  • Nail Polish Remover

  • Cleaning Backflow Incense Burner: Disassemble it

    Carefully disassemble and separate all the individual parts of your incense burner. 

      How to clean and disassemble a backflow incense burner

      If you have an intricate design with glass sections or delicate details, make sure you handle them with care and set them in a place where they won’t be easily toppled and risk breakage. 

        Don't submerge light up features in water

        IMPORTANT:  Some backflow incense burners have battery-operated LED light features integrated into their design: If this is the case, DO NOT submerge the battery-operated light sections in water!

        Remove any ceramic or glass sections that are not powered, and feel free to submerge them in water for deep cleaning... But
        NEVER get the battery pack or the light-up details wet.

        Simply wipe around these design features gently with a cloth that’s been lightly soaked in household vinegar or window cleaner.

        How to clean a backflow incense burner oily residue

        Fill a deep sink or bucket with very hot water and a good squirt of dishwashing detergent.

        The key here is to bring the water to a high enough temperature that it’ll melt and dissolve the oil, allowing it to be lifted off your burner without heavy scrubbing. 

          Submerge your burner pieces

          Carefully submerge your glass and ceramic incense burner pieces into the hot water to soak.
          (Remember: Don’t put any battery-operated light-up sections of your burner in the water!)

          You might like to wear kitchen gloves while lowering your burner pieces into the sink, to protect your hands from the heat of the water. 

            Soak and let the water do all the hard work for you

            Leave your burner pieces to soak in the soapy hot water for 10 minutes.

            The oily residue will have loosened after soaking, allowing it to be easily wiped off.

              How to clean a backflow incense burner

              Remove the separated pieces of your incense burner from the water soak solution, and rinse them all with clean warm water so they’re not too slippery as you get ready to hold them for the next step.

                Wipe down the cascade trail

                Next, take a soft sponge and dip it in some more dishwashing liquid or household vinegar. 

                Gently wipe down all the sides of your incense burner, focusing special attention on the areas of your design where the fragrant smoke path cascades down: This is where the oily residue settles. 

                  Cleaning Stubborn Stains on a Backflow Incense Burner

                  You may notice some stubborn stains, such as around the hole at the top where the incense cone sits, or right below the cone where the fall of the smoke clouds gather.

                  If you’re not able to easily remove stubborn residue with the sponge and dishwashing liquid or vinegar, try using a cotton ball or tip dipped in a little nail polish remover to gently rub away the residue on the built-up areas on the top. 


                    Dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover to clean oily backflow incense cones residue

                    PRO TIP: You can get into the hole with a Q-Tip to remove resin that may be blocking the top of the backflow hole.

                    Clean your backflow incense burner with a cotton ball or cotton tip

                    Do not scrub with force or use a harsh scrubbing sponge: While the premium finishes on your backflow burner are strong and heat-resistant, they can scratch easily- so treat them with love and care to maintain their integrity.

                    If it’s been a while since your last clean and you have some serious residue buildup that won’t budge, try repeating the soaking process in Step 4... And next time add some baking soda to the water, then sprinkle some extra baking soda onto your sponge before scrubbing your incense burner again. 

                      How to deep clean a backflow incense cone burner

                      Rinse all the pieces with clean, fresh water.

                        How to dry a backflow incense burner

                        Set out some paper towels on a bench, then place your incense burner pieces out to air-dry.

                        Allow them to dry completely before reassembling them for your next meditation session!

                          As with all things in life, the more often you clean your incense burner, the easier this cleaning process will be! The entire range of Incense Burners here at Incense Falls have been thoughtfully designed so they're super easy to clean, and the more elaborate designs have sections that come apart easily, so you can wash them each separately. 

                          Your incense burner cleaning efforts will be rewarded with a beautiful piece of functional art that not only works perfectly, but conjures the most pure and unadulterated sweet fragrant clouds of incense for your enjoyment…


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