How to Assemble Your Arcane Dragon Incense Burner

How does one tame an Arcane Dragon? 

Well, that's part of the magic we'll let you discover on your own... 

We will, however, show you how to assemble it! 

Our Arcane Dragon incense burners are lovingly handcrafted with intricate details that combine to create a mesmerizing cascading smoke effect for you to enjoy.

While they might look delicate and complicated to put together...
Don't worry, it's all part of the illusion!

They assemble in a snap, so you'll be lighting up your incense cones and drifting into a state of bliss faster than you can say "Arcane Dragon"!

Check out our official instructional video from our YouTube channel below:

But if you're more of a step-by-step instruction person, read and bookmark these directions for future reference:

How to Assemble Your Arcane Dragon Incense Burner

step 1: 

First, set your base on a sturdy surface, ready to stack the parts on top.

step 2: 

Place the dragon centerpiece on the base of the burner, being sure to align it right in the middle for a perfect incense cascade once assembled. 

step 3: 

Next, carefully lower the glass windproof cover over the top of the dragon, settling it into the groove around the base of the burner for a snug and secure fit.

step 4: 

Finally, gently place the lid on top of the glass windproof tube. 

And that’s it!

Now you’re all ready to light up an incense cone on your relaxing, enchanting Arcane Dragon burner.

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