How Our Backflow Incense Cones Are Made

Backflow incense cones are unique for many reasons, but mainly because the smoke pushes down instead of flowing up like regular incense.

It really is a unique feat of human ingenuity, but how it works is surprisingly simple, holistic, and natural.

Check out how our incense cones are made, from sourcing all the way to crafting them in a certain way that allows the smoke to cascade.


Backflow incense cones are made or primarily three materials:

  1. Water
  2. Natural glues
  3. Botanical powders

We source our powders for all incense cones from around the world. Our Australia Sandalwood is sourced from Western Australia, Wormwood comes from Europe & parts of Africa, Thuja is delivered from eastern Canada, so on so forth.


These powders are made by harvesting the botanicals at certain times of their maturity, dehydrated, and ground into a fine powder.

We then combine the powder and natural glues in a mortar & pestle, slowly adding water while the mixture is mashed until a dough is formed. It's a very careful & precise balance that we use to ensure that the aroma isn't too strong or too weak.

Once its solid enough, the mixture is placed on top of a rod that's a specific diameter. The rod begins to spin at a steady rate while the cone is shaped.

Now that the cone is shaped to perfection, it is slowly removed, leaving a hole in the bottom of the cone. This is the "magic secret" that allows the smoke to billow downward.

Finally, the cone is left to dry for about 5-7 days, packaged for shipment, and ready to go! This is why sometime shipping may take longer than usual; it's a careful process that takes time & care.

Popular Incense Cones

Have any questions about the production of our cones or burners?

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