How Jasmine Incense Helps Your Best Life Bloom

Jasmine are small white and yellow flowers that grow on lush vines, whose tiny blooms pack a powerful punch of alluring fragrance that defies their miniature size.

The fragrant flowers are cultivated and used in perfumes and incenses for their mesmerizing perfume, plus their delicate beauty is revered as decorations in romantic ceremonies like marriages

Jasmine’s cascading branches of fragrant, jewel-like flowers adorn temples for religious temples, and their delicate flavor brews up an invigorating cup of fragrant  green tea.

There’s something truly enchanting about the inimitable fragrance of jasmine blooms, which makes us wonder if there’s anything it can’t do!

So, we lit up a cone of Jasmine incense and took a look at the other positive effects this alluring little flower can bloom...

3. Fights Off Depression

The delicate floral scent of jasmine has been known to reduce symptoms of depression and improve overall mood.

Studies have found that jasmine essential oil can affect your brain activity, providing a more positive and energetic mood-state.

With seasonal depression lurking around the corner as the season changes, or the pressures of a career and living in these uncertain times, it’s always nice to have an ace in the hole. We’re always sure to have Jasmine incense around to lift us up when life gets us down.

2. Lights Your Fire

Known to be a staple when it comes to setting the romantic mood, Jasmine has long been prized as a natural aphrodisiac.

To back up this belief, some studies even suggest that the scent of jasmine may increase blood flow and alertness- which can help you and your partner pick up on each other's cues (...and then act on them!). 

So, shake up your senses and take a break from predictable old roses on your next night in: Go for a cone of Jasmine incense to light that spark.

1. Relieves Your Anxiety

The scent of jasmine is known to alleviate anxiety in those who suffer panic attacks and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. 

The compounds in Jasmine essential oil impact a chemical in the central nervous system called GABA. This chemical can soothe nerves and remedy anxieties. 

Anxiety symptoms can be reduced further by getting a good night’s sleep, and Jasmine is effective for insomnia and emotional distress because of this GABA chemical release as well.

The light scent of jasmine flowers has been used in Asia as a natural anxiety cure for centuries, and has stood the test of time. 

Jasmine incense stands in as a delightful part of everyday de-stressing routines, helping many find that stillness and comfort for relief.

Jasmine is a truly heavenly offering. 

Even the very name of this delicate, fragrant blooming vine was derived from the Persian word “yasmin”, meaning “a gift from god.

Take a moment to find yourself, naturally, by using Jasmine scented incense in your everyday life. It all isn’t just smoke and mirrors…

Melisa Suchy
Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

Let Jasmine Incense Bloom

Spark up Jasmine Incense Cones to help your best life bloom…

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