How Aromatherapy Affects the Brain

As mentioned in our previous blog post, aromatherapy has a multitude of effects on our mind, body, and soul.

But what's most interesting to me is its affects on what controls our person; the brain.

It's fascinating how something as trivial as a scent can have such profound & lasting effects on our psyche, so I dug deep and really found out how these little scented cones affect our control center.

It Starts in the Olfactory System 

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In case you forgot middle school A&P, (I forgive you, A&P was the bane of my existence), the olfactory system is composed of our nose & brain.

Believe it or not, our sense of smell is around 10,000 x more keen than all of the other senses. Scent is registered even quicker than sound and sight, and can even trigger physical and emotional reactions in an instant.

Think about it; sometimes you'll be hit with a certain perfume or cologne that reminds you of your middle school crush.

Suddenly, without warning, forgotten memories are brought back to life. Impossible, abandoned details from your past are brought to the forefront of your conscious, all because you smelled something. 

Let's Get Scientific 


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I won't get too Bill Nye on you, but it's pretty awesome how this system works.

Aromatic molecules from incense cones are quite volatile, becoming gas and spreading at an incredibly rapid rate.

When we inhale these molecules, they attach to tiny hair-like structures called cilia in our nose, which contain olfactory cells.

The olfactory cells send a nerve impulse to our Limbic System, the part of the brain that facilitates our emotions.This alters our brain chemistry, causing the sudden mood changes.

Finally, the impulse passes the Limbic System and ends at the Olfactory Cortex; It is here the aroma will be recognized.
But the really interesting part of all of this is that the brain & body have already responded to the scent by the time we've reacted to it.


Aromatherapy has been around for centuries, and we're just beginning to discover why it's so effective and potent.

What memories do our incense cones trigger for you?

Let me know in the comments!

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