Getting the Most Out of Libra Season

As the Wheel of the Year turns, we come to Libra, the 7th sign of the Zodiac

From September 23 until October 22nd, Libra energies influence our daily lives. 

If you look at an artistic representation of Libra, you find the Scales of Justice, which are symbolic of Cosmic law and design.

Libra is the only sign of the Zodiac that is NOT an animal or person, which affords it special consideration.  


Themis, a Greek Goddess known as the “Lady of Good Counsel” held the Scales of Justice in her hands. 

 She presided over matters requiring fairness; honoring customs, balance, and respecting Divine Order.  "Lady Justice" imagery is based on her.

Libra: An Air Sign

Alongside Gemini and Aquarius, Libra is an Air Sign.  

 The generalized characteristics for those born under this sign include rationality, calmness, and impartiality.  

 In terms of harnessing the power of Libra in your life, you can focus on any one (or all) of these goals in your life.

Energy Signatures

As we consider other ways of applying the energy of Libra in our lives, bear in mind the idea of energy signatures

If you look at just the days of the week, you’ll see they’re assigned to Deities or celestial objects. The vibrations behind those assignments create a distinct signature we can harness.

In this case, the Libra Season’s energetic push supports efforts like resolving problems between people, remaining patient for answers to your prayers, and balancing your heart with logic.

Focal Points

 Cooperation & Diplomacy

  • Harness Libra’s intense drive for unity, fineness, and discretion. 
  • Being fair-minded comes on the winds of change when Libra arrives. 
  • Don’t get stuck in outmoded ways of thinking. 
  • Elevate yourself, get perspective... and then act.


  • The ruling planet for Libra is Venus, the Goddess of desire. 
  • Spice up your love life. 
  • Bring music, delicious aphrodisiacs, expensive aromatics, and some fun clothing into the bedroom.

 restore peace & harmony

  • Libra has a strong focus on keeping the peace, but it has to be in a fair way to all parties. 
  • If you are involved in a situation lacking equity, now is the time to speak up. 
  • Just remember to do so with a graciousness and sensitivity. 
  • Do not become the problem, and try to avoid taking sides.
  • Act as a bridge, not a barrier... 


  • Libra vibrations are sometimes equated to measuring our souls.
  • Libra sits between Virgo and Scorpio, two very different influences. 
  • It is the balance point where you can meditate about your soul’s purpose in this incarnation and find ways of working toward it more effectively.

Putting it Together

So, what sort of tools can you find in your spiritual kit for harnessing the Libra Season?

Let’s take a look at colors, crystals, and herbs...


Psychology has affirmed the power of color on our state of mind and resulting behavior. 

Two hues associated with Libra are pink and green.  

  • Pink symbolizes gentle affection, inner peace, and receptiveness. It is a more timid version of Red.  
  •  Alternatively, try green. Green represents fertility, harmony growth, renewal, and prosperity. Light green can be very calming and restful.  

Add either of these colors as accents in your wardrobe, or by bringing something into your space predominantly featuring the desired hue. 


Opal is Libra’s birthstone, encouraging luck, positive energy, passion, and a yin-yang balance in body and spirit. 

Rose Quartz is all about self-love and an awareness of your inner beauty so you can express it without.

Bloodstone provides grounding for those all-important decisions and staying in the moment.


Passionflower comes under the rule of Venus, just like Libra. 

It’s a soothing herb, helping you avoid angry outbursts. Libra energy says: Stay calm and cool. Passionflower is excellent for stress too. 

  • Thyme represents Libra’s balance. It also brings out untapped psychic skills (having insight aids in justice tremendously).

  • Honeysuckle ties these all together by helping you achieve your dreams.

The Libra Season brings a sense of equilibrium into our daily lives. 

Chaos has trouble thriving during this Zodiac sign, since Libra empowers calm order.  

Let’s harness everything that’s perfectly arranged this Libra season, to our most fruitful advantage… 

Incense Falls Wellness Contributor 


A work of art that depicts a captured dragon, the hand-crafted Arcane Dragon Incense Burner symbolizes our ability to control our inner dragon and turn it into something beautiful. 

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