Don't Panic! Light Some Incense for Anxiety Instead...

Anxiety has became a familiar co-star in so many of our lives...

Your work is piling up... Your child is asking you a million questions that you don’t know the answers to...Your date called off dinner at the last minute... You were late to work this morning after sitting on the side of the highway with a flat tire...

Life can be stressful, and some days it seems like the hits just keep coming!

The world moves so quickly that even when we do get a moment to relax, we’re still reeling from the events and no actual relaxation can be had. 

Anxiety is a more common diagnosis than ever, and panic attacks are becoming more of a widespread affliction than ever before.

Even if you thrive in a life of appointments and social events, it’s still important to take a few moments to yourself every day to relax.

Incense and aromatherapy can be the perfect addition to your daily winding-down routine.

They help take the focus off your frenetic thoughts by engaging another one of your senses, setting up a natural response to relax when the ritual is repeated.

Here’s 4 incense fragrances to light up the next time when you just-can’t-even…

4. Peppermint

Many use meditation or yoga to relax after a long day, and peppermint might be able to aid you in cleaning out your airways while promoting steadier breathing.

  Peppermint also helps if allergies or other ailments are blocking your airways or making it harder to breathe.

If you normally have a headache that accompanies your anxiety, peppermint can soothe the pounding in your head, providing much needed relief.

3. Australian Sandalwood

Sandalwood is considered a holy wood and is known to help with inner turmoil while restoring emotional balance.

If you’re feeling particularly worn down by the stresses of your life, Sandalwood Incense could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Consider taking some time to journal every day while lighting a cone of Australian Sandalwood incense. 


This sacred wood will help you to work through your anger, sadness and frustration, and instead turn them into creativity.

2. Lily

Uplift your spirits and shake off depression with the help of this sweet, delicate scent.

Lily scented incense can turn your negative thoughts into positive energy and your feelings of anxiety into feelings of comfort.


Lily is also a great compliment to an after-work ritual!  

It can boost your energy levels to help you come back from that rush-hour frustration.

1. Lavender

Find inner peace and escape into your happy place while inhaling the light floral smoke of lavender incense. 

This soothing smell is the comfort of grandma's house on a winter night with a warm cookie in your hand, her flowery perfume wafting through the house. 


If you want to schedule your relaxation time closer to falling asleep, lavender can help you fall asleep and stay asleep too. It’s a perennial favorite scent of those who toss and turn.

While these scents are known to be helpful for anxiety, it’s also important that you keep in mind that each individual can have their own unique comfort scents.

These scents can be related to a memory or a place, and trigger feelings of calm without necessarily being known as a “relaxing scent”.

Take some time to daydream about your fondest, most reassuring moments, then pull your most soothing scents from those cherished memories…

May calmness wash over you and your anxiety ebb away like the ocean waves,

Melisa Suchy
Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

allow incense falls to soothe your senses

Soothing cascades of Incense Falls smoke carry the day's anxiety away... 


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