Do Crystals Really Have Power?

long before histories were written, humans cherished crystals of all kinds. 

The sparkle, shine, and dazzling hues of precious stones have captured hearts and imaginations the world over. Crystals are used in alternative therapeutic treatments to address physical and mental ailments, release past trauma and protect the wearer from negative energies.

Utilized across the globe for centuries; Wise Ones, Healers and Shamans alike have all depended on sacred stones for a variety of uses. They fashioned them into amulets, talismans, and charms, and used them in sacred ceremonies to amplify spiritual revelations.

Despite the long and enchanting history of crystals being used as a tool for expansion, one question still remains for modern-minded seekers... 

Do crystals really have power?

Digging up History

Turn back the pages of time to the days of Ancient Sumeria, where the crystals were first documented as being highly prized for their healing powers, where their tradition dictated that they possessed magical powers. 

The ancient Egyptians felt likewise, taking up a healthy preference in decorating themselves with Lapis, Turquoise, Emerald, Carnelian, and Quartz. Many such stones became part of their amulets for health and protection, and were not only worn as jewelry in their mortal existences... But also beyond, into the next life.

The Ancient Romans were firm believers too. Writings from Ancient Rome mentioned crystals, described their physical qualities, and outlined the areas from which they came. 

The Ancient Greeks took it even a step further in applying significance to crystals. 

The Greek word for "crystal" meant "ice", and thus they believed that gems were frozen water that would never transform back to its liquid state again. 

The Greco-Roman folklore behind stones is rich and abundant. They believed that Amethyst offset drunkenness and safeguarded against poison. Hematite had associations with Aries, and warriors rubbed their body with it for invincibility in battle.

No part of the world was exempt from the superstitions surrounding crystals.

Jade was recognized the world over for its magical properties. The mysterious green stone of Jade appears in China for love; it is fashioned into burial masks in Mexico; and it's used as a healing stone in South America. The Maoris in New Zealand also adapted it as a symbolism of Ancestral Spirits, a token that became a generational treasure as it was handed down. 

In religion, gems adorned all manner of regalia and sacred items, including the High Priest's breastplate as described in the Old Testament. 

The belief, in part, was that crystals transformed from the light of heaven, and fell to earth as gifts of the Most High. 

A diamond purportedly sits in the center of the Tree of Knowledge, according to Buddhist texts. Diamonds appear in Hindu writing too, bearing the power of Indra's thunder. 

Ruby ranked higher, however. The flame within a ruby could never be extinguished, and it preserved the physical and mental health of its wearer.

By the 15th and 16th Century Renaissance, precious stones were commonplace in every healer's kit. 

Crystal powders were abundantly combined with herbs for elixir potions. 

The only key difference was that the Renaissance era began to usher in scrutiny on how a crystal power's actually work.


Before launching into metaphysics, let's do a quick refresher on what we know about the characteristics of crystals and gems from science class...


  • There are metals like iron which are ferromagnetic (which hold sustainable magnetism). 
  • We can also measure degrees of paramagnetic attraction (impermanent) in a large percentage of stones. 
  • While often only having weak magnetic attraction, this magnetizing effect happens in some precious stones that are not themselves metallic, but instead are thanks to various included minerals present within. 
  • Tourmaline, Ruby, and Emeralds are examples of paramagnetic gems.


  • With fluorescence, a stone absorbs certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light. 
  • That ultraviolet energy is released as a visible hue.  
  • Some specimens of Fluorite, Zinc, and Calcite have fluorescence. 


  • By comparison, phosphorescent rocks absorb light energy while exposed. 
  • Once the light source goes “off”, they release that energy, emitting a visible glow.
  • Calcite, Zinc and other minerals rich in phosphorus demonstrate this trait. 
By that measure... In asking if crystals really have power, it's clear that some do have energy absorption and releasing abilities!

Quartz, the Poster Child of Power Crystals

Quartz is a bit of high-achiever in the crystal world, to be honest. 

If you look at your watch, you can probably thank a Quartz crystal for its accuracy. 

Why is this? 

Quartz can actually conduct electricity, and it has tremendous durability. 

It resists both heat and wear, making it essential to many technology industries. You can find Quartz being used in computers, TVs, and radios, just to name a few.

Metaphysical Views

If you have been involved in spiritual pursuits for even a few years, you've surely seen many stones, crystals and gems being touted as having powers. 

The thought is that the energetic signature of a crystal interacts with the human aura and chakra centers. 

Some crystals improve focus, some hone creativity, others still deter anxiety... The uses are too numerous to list. 

The issue is that no long-term studies have been conducted to determine if crystals really have power in a way that is able to be quantified.

Even with the jury out, people still swear by crystals for various applications. 

No matter what, sacred stones reconnect us with nature and help with grounding.

What we do know? That wearing, carrying, or decorating your surroundings with crystals puts our minds in a positive place, giving us something proactive and meaningful to DO about our situations, rather than just sitting on the sidelines. 

So for the time being, the definitive answer to the question of whether crystals really have power lies within your spiritual intuition. We like to think they're pretty darn fabulous. 

If they help you on your spiritual and well-being path, most certainly use them. Plus, who doesn't like a few glittery bobbles now and again?

May crystals empower your existence, 


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