Can Aromatherapy Hurt Dogs?

A lot of our daily habits can affect your dog and you may not even know it. Leaving them alone for prolonged periods of time, loud music, and even certain temperatures can impact the health of your dog.

But what about aromatherapy?

Since dogs have 40x more scent receptors than us and they can smell up to 100,000x better, it makes sense that burning incense can have an impact on your dog.

There isn't any research proving that aromatherapy is bad for your dog's health, but there are best practices when it comes to burning incense with Spot nearby.

Make Sure the Environment is Calm & Peaceful

A dog's sense of smell is their strongest and most influential scent; their reality revolves around it. Just like humans, scent is linked to emotions & memory.

When a dog first encounters a scent, they will associate whatever emotions came with that scent when they first sniffed it out. So whenever you burn an incense around Buddy, make sure that you have an environment set that he will associate with good behavior.

For example, if you light up Lavender and somehow get into an argument with your significant other, your dog will forever link that scent to stress & discomfort. Now let's say that you really like that scent and light it to relax multiple times a day, you will be doing the opposite for poor Charlie.

Scents Can Have Similar Effects on Dogs & Humans

Before we begin this, I want to be clear that lighting up a Lily incense in an effort to fix your dog's behavior is not the solution. This requires training, attention, and a whole lotta love.

However, however a certain scent makes you feel can potentially have a higher effect on your dog. Think of it like this:

Dogs see in black and white. A bright, orange color may make you feel energized and sensual, but will have little effect on your dog.

The same is true for scent; a Lemon incense cone may slightly increase your energy levels, but will more than likely jack up your dog to the max.

Just be aware of lighting any energy-boosting incense before you plan on going to sleep.

Burn Incense in Larger Spaces

Imagine that you're in a small room with mirrored walls and a massive industrial light is on at full power. No matter where you would look, the light will blind and irritate you. Now imagine if you're in a larger room with a window and normal walls & flooring. The light is there, but it isn't overwhelming.

The same goes for your incense cones & a dog's sense of smell. If you're lighting incense in a smaller room with no ventilation, the scent could overwhelm your dog and make him very uncomfortable.

So before lighting up with Teddy in the room, ensure:

  • The room is ventilated
  • Your dog has the option to leave the room
  • The window is slightly cracked if the aforementioned options aren't available


We all love our dogs and want the best for them. Unfortunately, they can't tell us what they're thinking (yet), so we have to pay extra attention.

Aside from consciously burning incense, take a moment to reflect on other daily habits that may be affecting your dog.

Max will always give you unconditional love, and you should return the favor.

All the best,

Incense Falls

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