Can Aromatherapy Help With PMS?

Ugh, that time of the month again. Dealing with Premenstrual Syndrome (the dreaded PMS) is a familiar reality for all women that can affect us differently, and to varying degrees. 

Aside from the unpleasant physical effects we have to deal with like bloating, back pain, headaches, breast tenderness, acne breakouts, abdominal cramps, digestive upsets, insomnia and just generally feeling like we’re completely burned out… Those fluctuating hormones also wreak havoc on our serotonin levels that control our emotions, making us feel irritable, overly sensitive and riddled with anxiety. When it’s a shocker of a month, we can feel like we're just passengers along for the ride.

PMS symptoms ramp up into high gear about a week before we start our period; and if we’re on a regular cycle, dealing with these difficult feelings and physical effects every single month can really spill over and poison our pleasant enjoyment of life. Often we find ourselves resorting to popping a pain pill or spending entire days in bed, fighting fatigue and cramps.

Managing PMS the natural way without relying on medications was always an uphill battle, until I discovered new research emerging proving that aromatherapy can significantly reduce many of these symptoms and make that time of the month more bearable. 

Proven studies have revealed key essential oils whose fragrances contain compounds that help alleviate many of the most troubling PMS symptoms. When inhaled, these aromas can alter our brain and body activity in powerful ways.

These essential oils can elevate a low mood, take the edge off hormone-fueled stress, reduce muscle spasms and cramping, promote a much-needed restful night’s sleep, and soothe nagging period pain.

If PMS has been having a field day on your body and emotions each month, I’ve got some good news for you. Join me in ditching the pharmaceutical help for good, and rely instead on the natural miracle of Rose and Lavender Essential Oils to help you through the potentially tumultuous times we deal with each month leading up to our cycle… They truly are this girl's best friend.

Lavender has always been the gold standard of summoning calmness and relaxation, and when we’re dealing with the infamous effects of PMS, there’s nothing we need more than a healthy dose of effective relief. 

A study in 2013 revealed that inhaling the aroma of Lavender Essential Oil can alleviate PMS symptoms by:

  • Increasing mood-stabilizing serotonin that helps regulate the nervous system and boosts happiness
  • Encouraging a healthy sleep schedule by reducing the heart rate at bedtime that can lead to insomnia
  • Easing headaches related to fluctuating hormones
  • Settling uterine muscle spasms that cause cramps
  • Balancing estrogen levels that trigger mood swings

Breathe in the soothing scent of relief with Lavender Incense Cones next time you’re feeling PMS sneaking up on you! Grab yours here


Receiving a bouquet of roses can brighten our day, but did you know that smelling their heady fragrance can help stave off PMS symptoms too? Rose Essential Oil is rich in compounds that reduce inflammation, balance emotions and neutralize pain receptors in our brain.

Proven studies have shown that inhaling the aroma of Rose Essential Oil can support you in dealing with PMS by:

  • Reducing inflammation and swelling to minimize pain
  • Alleviating menstrual cramps 
  • Easing nausea and digestive upsets
  • Aiding constipation and helping you stay regular
  • Energizing your senses to eliminate fatigue
  • Stabilizing irregular periods

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I know you’ll love the benefits when you try breathing in the soothing and powerful effects of Rose and Lavender Essential Oils during your time of the month. This natural, easy and effective approach will help ease many of the unpleasant effects of PMS… And make your cycle more sacred each time it rolls around. 

Wishing you peace, clarity and comfort as our bodies perform their most important function, allowing us to create life!

xx  Love,

Fefe | Incense Falls

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