Buddhism 101: Introduction to a Superlative Existence

For many seekers embarking on a path of spiritual development, adopting the ideals of the Buddhist tradition has become the perfect fit. Centered around thoughtful daily practices that develop kindness, wisdom and awareness, Buddhism cultivates a deep sense of peace within.

While it’s not widely regarded in the Western sense as a religion due to its absence of worshipping a creator or God, there are around 350 million Buddhists worldwide transforming their lives in the pursuit of releasing oneself from suffering. 

The basic teachings of the Buddha are practical and easy to adopt into our daily lives, and they don’t discriminate based on nationality, status, sexuality or race. You can visit a Buddhist Temple in your area to immerse yourself in the beauty of following a humble existence, as you observe the monks going about their daily rituals.

By adopting the mindset and forming a common thread through your entire existence with these Buddhist practices, you can bring some zen into all aspects of your life. It's as simple as choosing to align yourself with the Buddhist ideals, characterizing yourself with tolerance of differences, non-violence and mindfulness. Living your life through these beautiful, centered principles will lead you to expansive insights into the true nature of reality. 

Follow the Buddhist Middle Path with these three gentle, loving foundations to begin your journey toward attaining enlightenment… 

1. Right Speech- Avoid speaking mistruths, using malicious words or abusive language to others

2. Right Action- Be ethical, refrain from stealing, inflict no harm 

3. Right Livelihood- Earn a living through proper means, contribute and do your part, do not kill any living being

4. Right Effort- Put the correct amount of energy and diligence into your daily activities

5. Right Mindfulness- Strive be be thoughtful of others, deeply aware of what is, and attentive. 

6. Right Concentration- Rid yourself of unwholesome or unproductive thoughts. Practice meditation to clear the mind, gain control of your thoughts and find stillness within.

7. Right Thought- Be selfless and detached, do not hold onto that which does not serve you, hold universal thoughts of love and non-violence.

8. Right Understanding- Accept things for what they are without trying to change them. Know that attachment to objects and particular outcomes is the root of all suffering. 

Practicing meditation is a powerful exercise in bringing tranquility, acceptance and awareness into our existence. To amplify my present moment mindfulness and create a harmonious space during my meditation, I love setting up a small altar with an offering of some fresh fruit, beautiful flowers, and of course my favorite incense burner- the Little Monk! The search for inner stillness comes to an end whenever I burn incense and contemplate the curls of smoke cascading down, as it catapults me into the moment and sets the stage for a clear, centered mind. 

Image of Little Monk Incense Burner Buddha

By consciously choosing to dedicate our attention to these 8 thoughtful and beautiful ideals followed in Buddhism, we can all become a more peaceful, happy and accepting person.

Here's to creating the best version of ourselves...


Fefe | Incense Falls


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