Breathe in a Bouquet of Benefits With Rose Scented Incense

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How does Rose love thee? 
Let me count the ways...

Incense is commonly used in meditation and yoga...

But, it’s also well loved simply for its pleasing scent, aesthetic appearance and aromatherapeutic properties. 

While receiving a bountiful bunch of roses captivates our hearts: A voluptuous bouquet of Rose Incense enchants all your senses, in more ways than one...

Elegant and iconic, roses have been a staple in romance movies and literature, as well as being one of the most popular scents in cosmetics.

But how can Rose Incense improve your life on all fronts? 

We’re glad you asked...

4. Rose Relieves Stress

Lighting a cone of rose incense after a trying day does more than just fill the room with a light floral scent... 

Rose incense can decrease anxiety and reduce anger, giving you a much needed daily ritual for stress relief.

Consider enhancing your first half hour at home by lighting some rose incense and making yourself a mug of your favorite hot herbal tea.

Kick your feet back and watch the smoke cascade down your beautifully artistic backflow burner for a while, and let the toils of your day roll right off of your shoulders... 

The sooner you shake off your stress after you get home, the happier and more productive you’ll be for the rest of the night. 

This increase in mood and motivation can combat depression, and lead to a healthier overall lifestyle.

3. Rose Helps You Retain More Information When Studying

A recent study found that German students learning the English vocabulary were more successful at understanding the lesson when rose scented incense was burning during their study session, and then again while they slept. 


If you’re in a living situation that allows for burning incense, kick up your cognitive superpowers by lighting some Rose incense during your next study session, and see if it works for you. 

Every little bit can help when there’s a test looming... so why not light some incense on fire to relieve building tension in the process!

2. Rose Soothes You to Sleep Easier

The relaxing benefits of Rose incense also assist in helping you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Using sleep supplements like melatonin or a sleeping pill can give users unwanted side effects like next-day sluggishness or grogginess. 

A good natural remedy to help catch some quality sleep is by lighting some Rose incense before bed instead.  

Curl up and let the soothing rose-scented smoke carry you off to your sweetest dreams...

This soft and calming scent will have you stopping to smell the roses every night, counting your sheep in a field of flowers.   

1. Rose Sets the Date Night Mood

Roses are the universal symbol of love, and Rose scented incense is a must when it comes to the perfect romantic night in. 

Enhance that bouquet of roses, or give your rose petals some added flair. 

Rose incense is said to increase the feelings of love and devotion, and is a time-honored staple in love rituals and meditation. 

You and your partner can also feel an added sense of security and compassion, leading to a more intimate connection together.

feel the love tonight with ROSE INCENSe

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? 

Well, that's a question for the ages... But, we can say with confidence that these multipurpose incense cones are a spellbinding addition to any collection.

Utilize this lush and comforting floral scent any time of the day to reap the countless benefits of Rose-scented incense; to heighten your mind, and heal your spirit. 

Wishing you the rosiest of days...

Melisa Suchy
Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

Present Your Senses with a Crystal Rose

Breathe in a bouquet of benefits with Rose Scented Incense on your Crystal Rose Incense Falls Burner…


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