Aromatherapy Spotlight: An Apple a Day

Forever imprinted on our hearts, apples stir up our senses like no other...

The deeply comforting connotations we associate with apples are universal, and for most of us, hold a special place in our fondest memories.

Shrouded in heady symbolism, the apple represents many powerful ideas and images. A glistening Red Delicious sitting on the teacher’s desk represents wisdom; the fragrant ambrosia offered up in symbolism of love’s sweet embrace; and the infamous piece of falling fruit that was instrumental in Isaac Newton defining the laws of gravity.

Apples evoke comforting memories of gathering together: The shared anticipation before digging into a freshly-baked pie emerging from the oven; A stroll through an orchard on a sun-kissed afternoon; Sinking our teeth into the crisp skin to reveal the crunchy, tart-sweet flesh (and laughing with tendrils of juice trickling down our chins!)

...Pretty evocative, wouldn’t you say? 

These fond memories and the powerful symbolic representations are not where the magic of apples end...

Aside from being universally loved, delicious and incredibly healthy- we can’t forget that eating one of them a day keeps the doctor away!- apples also provide some surprising aromatherapy benefits:

Uplifting Emotions 

The cheerful, zippy and bright aroma of apples puts a spring in our step every time. 

  If you’re feeling lethargic or in a low mood, spark up your environment and emotions with apple's sparkling fruity fragrance notes.

Apple fragrance eases anxiety and brings comforting reassurance in times of stress, so surround yourself in the bright aromas of freshly picked apples any time you’re a bit down, and feel the sunshine permeating every corner of your world.

Curbing Appetite  

Inhaling the aroma of apples has been found to assist many people in their weight management efforts. 

  Smelling apple fragrance powerfully curbs appetite, staving off hunger pangs and reducing food cravings.

It can also trigger the sensation of satiety, meaning that smelling apples before digging into your dinner will help you keep a handle on portion control, and to stop eating when you feel comfortably full. 

easing migraines

Apple fragrance as aromatherapy was discovered to be beneficial for migraine sufferers, too. 

In a recent study conducted by a migraine research publication, 50 volunteers tested the theory of apple aroma to ease the symptoms of a migraine.

The study compared three separate headache episodes in each participant against a control event. 

  Findings of the study concluded that smelling apple fragrance did indeed reduce the duration, severity and intensity of the migraine event, compared to the migraine they experienced without smelling apple. 

Participants reported feeling more at ease and less anxious, which helped soothe away the tension of the migraine and alleviate their symptoms faster.

Apples not only smell inviting, crisp and fresh, but they boast some impressive aromatherapy benefits to boot. 

It turns out that an apple a day keeps more than just the doctor away- Its bright fragrance will help curb hunger pangs and food cravings, banish a low mood, and sweep out the severity of a migraine!

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May your day be as delicious as a crunchy bite into an apple, 

Incense Falls Wellness Contributor 
Nevada, USA

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