Antibacterial and Immune-Boosting Aromatherapy Scents

Now more than ever, our primary focus is turning to the health of ourselves and our loved ones. In these uncertain times, the best thing we can do to arm ourselves with resilience and strength is to boost our immune systems. 

Antiseptic and antibacterial properties exist in all essential oils, and some are particularly effective for preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Purify the air in your home and help prevent the spread of airborne germs with our incense cones, packed with essential oils. They’ll stimulate your immune system by increasing circulation of your blood and lymph systems, and supporting all your body functions. 

Supercharge your immune system by harnessing the power of essential oils. Here’s our 5 top fragrances that will get you feeling radiant with health and well-being... 


 Proven to be useful in treating viruses, this antibacterial immune stimulant will fortify your defenses and offer pain relief, with the added bonus of uplifting, freshly-scented surroundings. 

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Highly prized for centuries due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits, you can utilize the wisdom of your ancestors and strengthen your immune system by filling your home with soothing and medicinal lavender fragrance. 

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The aromatic, dark heartwood of the resinous Aquilaria tree of Southeast Asia has provided a highly valuable resource for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapeutic treatments, dating as far back as the 4th and 5th Centuries. Bring the exotic fragrance of the East into your home while utilizing the protective benefits of medicinal agarwood. 

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Green Tea

Powerful antibacterial components called polyphenols that are found in green tea have proven effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses. Sip on a steaming cup while breathing in the refreshing fragrance of our green tea incense cones to maximize your line of immune defenses. 

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 Laoshan Sandalwood

Utilized by Indian traditional herbalists for a multitude of uses, the earthy-smelling essential oil produced from this ancient wood provides immunity-boosting and antibacterial properties. Take your relaxation to the next level by combining laoshan sandalwood’s transcendental fragrance with its medicinal effects. 

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Remember, stress management is another major contributor in keeping a healthy immune system, so by minimizing your stress with relaxation techniques and maintaining a consistent meditation practice, we can give our immune systems the boost they need right now.

Let’s stay healthy, happy and calm together! 



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