Allergy Season Getting You Down? Aromatherapy Can Help

With seasonal allergies currently in full swing, those cheerful flowers blooming all around us might not be lifting your spirits as they should be… But rather, bringing about a world of annoying allergy symptoms that are preventing you from tiptoeing through the tulips.

Essential Oil for allergies

If you’ve been reaching for antihistamines and allergy medications every morning so you can go out and face the day, we thought you might be keen to know that there is in fact a natural solution to treating your allergic reactions that doesn’t require a medicine cabinet to conquer!  

Aromatherapy essential oils for allergies

We compiled some key aromatherapy essential oils for allergies that can help alleviate symptoms of hayfever with their antihistamine and anti inflammatory properties. Using essential oils to treat your seasonal allergies is the best and most natural way to prevent those sneezing fits, persistent dry coughs, itchy, watery eyes and nasal congestion issues. 

Here’s our list of essential oils that are proven to be the best aromatherapy for allergies, so you can confidently go forth and frolic in the fields!

3. Lemon

Best aromatherapy essential oils for allergies

Lemon essential oil is highly effective in reducing sinus inflammation associated with seasonal allergies. Its bright, uplifting fragrance not only smells clarifying and energizing...

Research has revealed that the properties found in citrus essential oils effectively minimize symptoms like stuffy noses and that cloudy feeling in your head that go hand-in-hand with sinus congestion. 

Lemon incense cones for allergies

Impart a burst of sinus-clearing clarity with our Lemon Incense Cones here. 

2. Lavender

Best aromatherapy essential oils for allergies and hayfever

It’s no secret that lavender essential oils are endlessly soothing and calming, but did you know that inhaling the fragrance of lavender can also assist in alleviating the symptoms of hayfever? 

Lavender essential oils work in two powerful ways for allergy sufferers- It reduces allergic inflammation while also preventing our mucous cells from becoming enlarged, cutting down on stuffy congestion and runny noses. 

Lavender incense cones for allergies

Settle down your sinus inflammation and stop the sniffles with our Lavender Incense Cones.

1. Sandalwood

Getting a good night’s sleep when you’re struggling with allergies can be a challenge. Chest congestion causes our breathing to become labored, while sneezing fits and itchy, swollen eyes can keep us up for all hours, tossing and turning.

Sandalwood essential oils have been proven to reduce our bodies’ histamine response and help us get a good night’s sleep by settling down our allergic reaction intensity. This histamine response is a natural defense mechanism in our immune system that kicks into high gear when particular allergens are triggered.

While this allergic reaction is designed to defend our bodies and keep us safe by alerting us if we’ve eaten something dangerous that could cause anaphylactic shock... It can get a little out of control and cause unnecessary reactions from simply inhaling non-harmful pollen, grass or dust.

Sandalwood incense cones for allergies
Clear your nasal passages and breathe easier with the antihistamine effects of our Sandalwood Incense Cones.

Finding natural relief with this holistic approach will make treating your seasonal allergies effectively easy and relaxing. Try harnessing the powers of essential oils so you can sleep better, breathe easier and even stop and smell the roses this allergy season!

Fefe | Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

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