5 Ways to Improve Your Well-Being Using Incense Cone Burners

Hey! Annie here with Incense Falls.

Our incense burners provide a very aesthetic feel to any environment they're placed in, but we've found that there are certain environments and activities that they really enhance. 

Everyone here at Incense Falls has at least a few burners in our home, so we rounded up some opinions from the staff as well as the Incense Falls community to see how their incense burners are enhancing their everyday activities.


5. Studying


I personally have a lot of trouble staying focused. In this day and age, there's always some sort of distraction that's more interesting than my school studies.

I'm not sure if it's the aroma or watching the smoke cascade down the burner, but my Incense Falls Burner helps me snap back into study mode when I lift my head up from the books. 

It's entrancing enough to give me that tiny break I might need, but not distracting enough to pull me away completely and get sidetracked for hours. (Unlike scrolling my Instagram feed.)


4. Yoga


Our resident copywriter & yoga instructor Dan told us that his Little Monk Burner helps keep him in his moving meditation yoga practice.

He tends to practice with his eyes closed, so its not so much the sight of the burner that keeps him in centered, but rather the scent of the Lavender Incense Cones that he puts in the burner.

The scent of lavender has been used for generations to induce feelings of calmness & wellness while simultaneously stress & anxiety, making it the perfect addition to any yogi's daily practice.


3. Parties


When having guests over, one of our VIP customers Allison loves to set up her Eternal Dragon Burner as a good conversation piece.

She emailed me saying,

"The Eternal Dragon is such a unique item that people can't help but comment on it as well as the aroma when coming into my home. The feeling I get from impressed house guests as a result of my burner is nothing short of satisfaction with a little bit of pride."

The Ocean Incense Cones she uses provides her guests with a surprising first impression of her home, walking into a clean yet relaxing aroma that almost immediately puts them in a good mood.


2. Quality Time with Your Partner



All too frequently when we finally get alone time with our partner, we find ourselves watching Netflix, and to be honest that's not really quality time.

To get that feeling of connectedness and truly capturing his partner's attention, one of our newest customers Jason stated that lighting a Rose Incense Cone in his Crystal Rose Incense Burner really helps himself and his partner to focus on each other instead of burying their face in a TV or laptop screen.

Jason told me in a Facebook message the other day,

"I think it's more of the scent than the burner that puts us in the mood to really appreciate one other, but it's also really nice just to hold each other and watch the smoke billow down. It's little moments like these that really brings us closer together."


1. Meditation



This seems to be the most obvious one, but the impact that aromatherapy has on meditation is profound & overlooked.

Kathy, one of our very first customers, wrote in one of her reviews that she used to have a lot of trouble meditating. Being a mother of three, that's completely understandable.

Meditation was almost impossible for her until she began burning Wormwood Incense Cones in her Arcane Dragon Incense Burner. The soothing smell of her incense cone really helps to center her energy and take her mind off of the daily stresses of being a busy mother.




There are multiple other activities that our incense burners & cones help, these are just a few of the more popular habits that we receive feedback from.

What does your incense burner help you with? Let me know in the comments!

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