5 Surprising Benefits of Saging Your Space

Is Saging just a superstitious sham, or is there actually something to it? For anyone who hasn’t heard of Saging (an act also commonly referred to as smudging) -- it is a way to supposedly ‘cleanse’ an environment, by burning a bundle of Sage - coupled with a strong intention to cleanse the area of any negative influences.

This fascinating spiritual practice dates back thousands of years to Native American traditions, in which it was used in a ceremonial setting.

While I can’
t make any promise that it will be a magical antidote to clearing icky bad vibes, or pesky ghosts from your space, I can promise you that there are indeed some surprising benefits to saging.

5. Sage contains Flavonoids

Flavonoids are phytonutrients contained within the Sage plant. Experiments on mice show a marked increase in memory, when given a Sage extract.

Flavonoids have also been shown to be helpful with patients with Alzheimer’s and help with brain health.

4. Sage is Antimicrobial

Spirituality aside, smudging may actually be cleansing your environment in a very tangible way. Fungus, viruses and bacteria are all stunted in the presence of an Antimicrobial agent, such as Sage.

So why not enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that sage is indeed working to improve air quality, and ‘clear the air’ in a very real way.

3. Negative Ions

When burnt, sage releases negative ions into the air. Pollen, dust and animal dander are all lessened in the presence of negative ions.

For those who suffer from environmental allergies, or are highly sensitive to these potential irritants, Sage can be of some help.

Negative ions released into the have also been shown to improve mood, and even help in with some forms of depression.

2. Sage Can Help With Sleep

To those of you who struggle to fall or stay asleep, listen up! Ever woken up in the middle of the night, with stuffy sinuses, feeling miserable? We
all have.

First and foremost, better air quality = better sleep. If you are able to get rid of, at least
some of the airborne gunk in your space, you’ll better be able to have a restful night.

An Irritated throat and nasal passage certainly does not lend itself to a deep and restorative sleep. Clean air will make a tremendous impact on your zzz’s -- so do yourself a favor and sage that bedroom!

1. Smudging Brings You Back to the Present Moment 

In a world where mindfulness is a house-hold word, I’m sure we’ve all been exposed to the word, as well as some of it’s scientifically backed benefits.

By setting an intention, and focusing on the act of smudging, we bring ourselves into the present moment, here-and-now.

Scientific benefits of mindfulness include, but are not limited to: Stress reduction, lessened anxiety, and increased attention span.


So next time you see that bundle of sage for sale, in the spirituality section of your local bookstore, why not give it a try?

Whether you are doing it for the spiritual benefits, are a hardcore skeptic, or simply want to enjoy some soothing aromatherapy – there are some scientifically validated benefits to this ancient practice. Everyone can benefit!

Always smudge safely and with care - and it definitely helps to open up the windows afterwards to let the smoke waft out of the space if possible. Who knows, it might even clear the air for something new and positive in your life!

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