5 Mantras to Enhance Your Well-Being

Mantra meditation is an ancient anxiety-relieving practice that can enhance your mental health and sharpen your mind.

The act of participating in mantra meditation has been known to help with stress, depression, anger and anxiety.

If the thought of meditation or yoga makes your toes curl, you can chant mantras while you’re in the shower or getting dressed in the morning and still feel their soul-nourishing benefits!

What Exactly is Mantra Meditation Though?

A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated, in some cases along with music. Mantras are designed to be a way for you to clear your mind by focusing instead on the one repeated phrase, letting it sink deep into your psyche as you repeat it.

Mantra meditation is the implementation of mantras during basic meditations or even during yoga.

Meditation and yoga are known to be transformative practices on their own and with the combined mind-clearing power of a mantra, mantra meditation can be a highly restorative process.

powerful Mantra Affirmations

Who doesn’t benefit from a good pep talk to themselves in the mirror every morning?!

Try repeating these affirmations to yourself, either in your mind or verbally; Or you can even play some confidence-boosting mantras being repeated over an inspiring track, to get the message across to your inner being:

5. "I Am Enough"

Reminding yourself that it’s okay to be just you is extremely important with improving your overall well-being and outlook on life.  

There’s too much struggle in feeling like what you do is never enough, what you’re achieving isn’t enough, but you are in fact enough.

4. "I Create My Own joyful Path"

Do what makes you happy. See your path through life and take to it with the sort of juvenile joy that you did in your childhood.

Try to see all the opportunities for joy in your everyday life, then grab the reins and start walking that carefree, blissful path.

3. "Every Cell in My Body is Alive & Beautiful"

Embrace your body for what it is, perfect and beautifully you. This one’s a special shoutout to nourish the souls of all of us who are hyper-critical of ourselves. (Roll Call: everybody)

Recognize that you are the working of thousands of beautiful cells operating in exquisite harmony, and you’re made of the same awe-inspiring stuff as the rest of organic life that enchants us.

2. "I Surrender to the Flow & Have Faith in the Ultimate Good"

Life is chaos and some things are just beyond our control. Letting go of expectations and surrendering to the flow of the universe is a fantastic way to enhance your well-being and to let go of your fears and stresses.  

Holding a firm belief that everything happens for a reason forces you outside of your hangups and allows for further self-understanding and a more fluid existence of easy come, easy go.

1. "Things Are Always Working Out for Me"

If anxiety plagues your life (and therefore your well-being), a repetitive reminder that everything is going to be alright may be all you need to let go of anxiety and emerge more grounded.  

If you need a reminder to put that wind in your sails, just remember that so far in life, you’ve survived precisely 100% of the things that have happened to you! 

you can Go Traditional with your mantras...

If you feel a bit self-conscious repeating affirmation phrases to yourself, you can always get back to basics and try the traditional "OHM" route. 

Sometimes abstract noises and hums are better suited for relaxing the mind, and can prevent your brain that's often fraught with overthinking everything from poking holes in the meaning intended by words. 

There are plenty of instructional videos online that will show you exactly how to make the "ohm" sounds and how to breathe along with the expression, that even go into detail of what each syllable symbolizes.

...Or Try Going Rogue!

If none of these suggested mantras resonate with you, awaken your spirit, or enlighten your well-being, your inner self may indeed have something more profound for you! 

Your personal mantra can emerge, and can be anything. Basically, it should be something that speaks to you personally and encapsulates your inspirations and life's values. 

Think of your favorite song lyric, your favorite quote, even your favorite slogan? These can all be used as a personal mantra that gives you strength, confidence, and a sense of stead self-assuredness. 

These personal mantras can be used during Mantra meditation, while you’re moving about your day, when you’re confronted with a challenging situation, or even when you’re getting ready in the morning to face the day. 

While they’re still an effective tool to repeat to yourself as you’re getting on with other things, mantras are most impactful and effective when given a singular, meditative focus. 

Try repeating them during a seated meditation, gentle yoga or while laying in savasana for maximum mantra oomph. 

So, if life ever seems overbearing and repetitive... Try instead repeating something new.


Melisa Suchy | Incense Falls Wellness Contributor

Pennsylvania, USA

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